My piano cover of Tristram

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That's pretty sweet. I honestly am probably gonna play through act 1 tonight while listening to this.
Very nice. You've got talent, friend.

Also serves as a reminder on how great Uleman was. The music in D3 doesn't hold a candle to his masterpieces.

Definitely. When I saw that they merely reworked some of his pieces and added very boring and unoriginal songs for the rest of the game I was very disappointed. There's not a place in diablo 3 that "feels" like diablo music-wise :(
WOW! Nice! Is this downloadable as a track and not a Youtube?
07/10/2012 07:32 AMPosted by Vundavar
WOW! Nice! Is this downloadable as a track and not a Youtube?

I suppose you can download the track FROM youtube if you search on google, there are a couple websites that help you do that.
Amazing. I had to grab authenticator just to log in and post this.

Just amazing dude.
Amazing work. Keep it up :]
I just came to ring my voice in once more. I listened to your whole channel. You are very talented.
i demand the sheet music for Sad Goblin!
posting to listen when i get off work.
logged in just to give you a thumbs up! great work
thumbs up for you mate,great work,Matt would be proud of you.And check out TL2 sound tracks guys,that's what we should have had in D3!
That’s a great cover of the Tristram theme! I’m also really moved by your composition dedicated to our beloved Treasure Goblin. It makes me wonder about his story, what trials and tribulations he’s faced in his enigmatic life, and moreover: where his portal truly leads. What if he’s simply struggling to get home to his family? The poor fella…

…Great… now I’m going to feel guilty pursuing him the next time I see him. :(

In any case, thanks again for sharing your creations with us, and keep up the great work!
+1 ... beautiful work..... add these scores and more for your expansion packs.... hire and pay top $$$ ......
Logged in just to tell you thanks great peice of work and to request sticky ;-)
As someone else has said this brings me back to d1 where my mind was blown over a video game, thanks for taking us back to better times because D3 has none of that great feeling that your rendition has inspired :) * stands and applauds*

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