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I would like to make a suggested improvement to the public game system. I'm currently working my first char though NM playing mostly public games. From what I've seen there are generally two types of people playing in public games.

1. People who want to fully explore areas and do side quests and generally just play for fun, the way I feel Blizz designed D3 to be.

2. People who want to rush through the current act/difficulty getting just enough xp to keep their level close to keep up with the pack to get to the the good farming spots quickly, the style pretty much everyone used in D2.

These two types of people generally don't play well together so the games just aren't enjoyable for either if they get mixed. I know it kinda goes against what you have setup in the system, but it would be nice to split the public games into two categories, fully clear and rush. This way people could join/create games that match their preferred play style and make public games more enjoyable for all.

Feedback on this idea is welcome.
07/10/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Ryan
In this thread, Blizzard attempts to convince us that people are enjoying the game, still.

Yeah nice try Lylirra, but this is total BS spin. The game is dying and you have to lie to comfort the stockholders
07/10/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Lylirra
Here's the skinny

The skinny is people seem to not be playing any matter how you spin it.
07/12/2012 09:26 AMPosted by Rhyas9
This forum needs more Blizzard-feel-good threads. So Blizz can pat themselves on the back while we amuse ourselves with their self-delusion.

Yes, I do enjoy the game, every day I play, and I DO ENJOY THE GAME...Thank you Blizzard for another great GAME...
Well that's great that the pubilc game matchmaking system is a lot better. I can tell, but you really need to make public games better if your goal is to emphasis the multiple group and social experience of teams or all that is not going to mean anything and the numbers will keep getting smaller regardless if there are full games or not.

Right now teams have way too many disadvantages:

1) Sharing MF with the team. If the drops were more then this wouldn't be the issue, but it's not. Recent information you guys released shows that MF affects the number of affixes an item has. So why would someone have their MF cut in half or quarters and get worse items for MF gear that they worked hard to get? That's not fun, that's punishing someone for grouping..period.

2) The HP increase is too high which makes grouping much slower than what you could achieve on your own. It should be slightly altered.
if the game wasn't too hard YOU would'nt need to use public games to play the game after Normal. some people are lame and just sit in town while their other group members run off and kill the bosses for them. they complete the quest while doing nothing.
YOU get killed because SOMEONE is sitting in town.
i hate this game!!!!!! i never had this much problem out of WoW.
its moslty cuz coop with shared mf is pointless when there is only 2 people per quest there are no full games act 2 inferno and above. your lucky to see 15 people per act and 10 quest in each act leaves only 1.5 people per game not really a full game. if mf wasnt shared more people would play coop i know i would i have 370 mf with 5 stacks, 388 mf with my templar whats the pont of playing a coop game when my 370 gets shared with the whole team.
Yes, I do enjoy the game, every day I pay, and I DO ENJOY THE GAME...Thank you Blizzard for another great GAME...

07/13/2012 06:55 PMPosted by farorewolf
In this thread, Blizzard attempts to convince us that people are enjoying the game, still.


^^^^^ cold hard truth :D
07/15/2012 01:59 PMPosted by Rapture


^^^^^ cold hard truth :D

implement a total players online number to the character screen.

then double it.
Uh no, this post is a lot of BS to cover blizzard's !@#. About 60% or more have QUIT playing this game. The stats are all on xfire. About 100k hours of gameplay june 4th, and about 40k hours of gameplay july 4th. Nice try lyirra
So it went from 2000 in public games to 1500 after 1.0.3 and in the last week to 1000 ? I find this post of your to be a totall lie

PS. MF being shared in co-op is rediculous and lazy way to code. So i have to put up with ignorant people,fight mobs with 500% more health, AND share my MF with people that have zero?
07/10/2012 10:06 AMPosted by xEuroX
Nice try. Perhaps focus on something that is actually important?


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