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This is simply Blizz damage control to keep people playing.
Yah i no I kalled that One!@

5 popped collars
Wow, I really thought all the other posts in the forums were the problems people were having with this game, I was so wrong apparently. What really was at the center of everyones mind, was what the number meant on the public game window. Thumbs up blizzard you showed us yet again.
>People cry about how no one is at pub game anymore for weeks
>Blizz gives answer
>People flame blizz saying they don't give a !@#$

Instead of doing this, they could make it so the person who made the game can kick anyone that fails to meet the dps/tanking requirements in their roles. Instead of giving 2 other worthless players the power to decide.

This patch does nothing to alleviate the problems.
Useless issue to respond to, just to cover a PR blip. Respond to the unhappy masses whom u are nearing because you want build diversity. There is none. There are no trillions of builds. There aren't even dozens. Fun isn't frustrating. Farming for hours through all your content and seeing inferno diablo drop me a level 55 Truncheon. That's your idea of Fun? How can you CM these forums with a straight face and go home at night thinking you've done a good days work. I'd be ripping the dev apart. You guys are supposed to carry OUR voice across too. Not just one way communications. Sure we may be the masses of angry nerds. But it takes a lot of love to get this angry. We expected o much cos you promised us so much with all your "we will only release a great game" motto. You failed to deliver.
Bull. Why wait so long to address this? A Quality of Life change such as this would have been mentioned in the patch notes.
07/10/2012 10:27 AMPosted by ellisD
Hey I have an idea? Why doesn't Blizzard record the numbers of people online for a week and then let the public know? Oh wait... everyone else would quit then too. You guys are funny, keep trying to tip toe around you're failing endeavors.

Lol, out of the 3 so friends I met in game only 3 or 4 haven't logged in in the past week.

And that's OK because, you know, it's summer! People have stuff to do.

Lol. You guys have so much empty angst. If only you used it in any kind of meaningful en-devour.

Out of the 3 friends you made only 3 or 4 haven't logged in? Interesting.
Thanks Lylirra,

It brings some relief, I started thinking I was the only one playing...

I started playing public games just yesterday in hardcore and wow!! its amazing and everyone is nice... In softcore people is ok though, but Harcore community is awesome...

Greets, keep up...
>People cry about how no one is at pub game anymore for weeks
>Blizz gives answer
>People flame blizz saying they don't give a !@#$

the community have made multiple constructive post on how to fix Diablo III and yet they inform us about irrelevant stuff like the public game counter

I know this wasn't the patch to fix everything like everyone has hoped.
But it was a post to answer the question many people had and I don't see why people would get so worked up about it.
I mean, would you have rather that blizz don't say anything and keep us in the dark forever? Cause that's what many posts here are implying. about adding "Players Online" somewhere (for more detail...# of ppl actually in games vs at character select -AH- would be an interesting # to see). Move Public Games and let it list the total # of games currently active, replace that spot with "Available Public Games" (you qualify for).

Or just leave it, who really cares if players can see how many other people are playing anyway.

Considering I've been seeing posts about the decreased number of public games for quite a while now, kinda surprised to see an official response to them in a separate thread...suppose it took quite a while to come up with the reason behind it.

Ahwell, thanks for the info, GL with your changes.
07/10/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Egamer
It's good to hear that you're making sure people get populated public games. Since you're promoting the 4-player co-op experience, do you have plans to give players incentives to play co-op, perhaps through increased drop rates or some other mechanism?

honestly the only incentive you should need is that its fun.

Not that fun when you get trashed 2x as easy as playing solo. Unless you have a top notch group, someone always seems to be lacking in DPS, and you're forced to pick up the slack.

Solo is just more rewarding, which is a BIG incentive while playing a loot drop game..
when does patching finish . servers all say there up but i cant patch .

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