Make Meteor screen shake effects optional?

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Look- I love meteor shower on my wiz, but the screen shake is OBNOXIOUS. I have been asked to leave games because it gives players motion sickness.

Can we make this an option you can disable please? Kind of like the drunk effect or poison/drunk effect from WOW that made your screen fuzzy. You had a video option to disable that. The screen shake is pretty ridiculous, and is going to give someone a seizure.

too bad blues abandoned us and will never see this.
yeah i dont know why you cant turn it off- pretty bad
Reminds me of diablo 2. It was funny when you were a fire sorc you could spam fire and freeze everyones computers. Everyones like 'plz no fire ^^
yeah i mean the first time its neat, but then it just makes it so you cant use the ability. if i could use another rune i would, but it is a notable damage difference when i try to use something else

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