Fiery Brimstone Trade Glitch

Bug Report
It just happened to me too. His Tag number is Sean#1856. I don't want my money back. But I want you to ban him
yes.. Sean scammed me too.. lost 4.1m

is there anything we could do?
this bug has NOTHING to do with being careless. it's a BUG on blizzards's end. the only way to protect yourself is to NEVER, ever click accept 1st. problem is, nobody would want to click accept 1st because whoever does risks getting scammed. this can also be done with gold, not only brimstones.

i did an experiment yesterday. i saw a guy scaming with brimstones so i went ahead and played the noob.

what happens is that he puts the brimstones, you put the money.

if you click accept 1st, u get scamed plain and simple. even though you click accept on 100 brimstones, you only get 1. NOTHING ever changes on your screen. this method is NOT about switching and you clicking stupidly. the 100 brimstones never change on your client until you look in your inventory and see only 1.

normally, when somebody changes the trade items you have to click accept one more time. in this scam you are NOT prompted to click accept again because nothing changes on your client view.

i suspect this happens because the macro used for the scam is too fast for the game to register and to change the value on the buyer's end. thus, the server thinks you get 100 brimstones even though you get 1.

it's pretty disgusting blizzard refuses to acknowledge this problem. i though ppl were careless and i wanted to see for myself. luckily i only lost 1 mil. as i said your client never registers the change in the brimstone value.
This just happened to me about 20 minutes ago. SEAN#1856 is his name I agreed to buy 20 fiery brimstone I put 2 mil in the window he put what looked like 20 fiery brimstone in and we traded. I got 1 and ripped off which is fine if Blizzard is going to do something about this type of thing but it appears they will not even though it violates the EULA and is a game exploit. so I guess the moral to the story is don't trade with non friends and only but from the AH.??
With someone like Blizzard watching our backs who needs friends anyway. snarff snarff
God damn it....I lost 3.7M with these stupid fiery brimstones . I wonder when will blizzard do anything about it ? It's like they don't even give a damn about its customers . Shame on them !
this seems like justice to me theres no reson what so ever not to buy your Brimstone off ah other then to rip someone off who doesnt no there worth by trynig to rip off newbs you get riped off your self and the person who does it to you doesnt feel bad cuz he just ripnig off someone whos trynig to rip soemone off
If you guys have exploits or hacks to report, please e-mail them to That way there aren't public discussions of your findings.

Thank you!

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