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So I log onto my diablo 3 account and realize my battle tag has been changed!?! Tried to change it back and cant because it says i have already done so....maybe i was hacked, not to sure, would really appreciate some answers though.
Made thread in SC2 account to show what battle tag used to be on diablo 3, It is now changed to 'htr' I did not do plz
Mine was changed aswell, i noticed when i had to change my pass due to suspicious activity and i noticed when i was changing it, didn't care, and then my friend mentioned it wtf is this !@#?, my battletag is now ailou#1441 instead of computer, but my name keeps showing up as computer myself.
Hey my name is Alex now for some reason?!?! What the hell bliz it used to be "daffodil" but it changed all of the sudden!
My freaking name is as you can see DiaBloGaMe01... now im primarily a Star Craft player and so i find it unsuitable because D3 is not the game i hoped it would be after D2... thats another chapter but what can i do?
like with the others it says i cant get my real name DENIAL back because ive changed it now... AND I HAVE NOT!
If your battle tag was changed, and you did not do it, then your account has been compromised. You are going to want to deal with that issue first - full malware and virus scans as well as changing all your passwords from a clean PC. I also suggest an Authenticator.

Once your PC is clean and your accounts are secure (including email) - submit a ticket

Product - - I have an issue managing my account - my issue is not listed here. "My battle tag was changed by a hacker during an account compromise. Could you please restore it to [insert former name here]".

Further info on account compromises

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