Dear Blizzard, please post issues on your

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site... not on twitter first or only.

I shouldn't have to run to another web site to see updates on the game's status.
bump for truth
bump since it didn't even make the first page.
ya...have to admit..
kinda bored of knowing they are gonna update twitter first about issues..

and not the actual web site for the game itself..
Twitter was in 3 mins before the blizz web site... this is truly outrageous!! (last part was sarcasm.) You'd think a blue would toss a post in general to funnel all the people into one thread for a while. That way they can fix it and calm all the people that are yelling on the forums.
If you look at the post and the tweet, they were within a few minutes of each other. They update us here fine.
+1 bump.
07/09/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Darkelite
The fact that players are posting and linking twitter before a blue post about it is the issue

True, this could be one of the issues with the game. Not a lot of customer support. I have seen worse games with better customer support so the forums didn't look like a Salem witch hunt.
Upcoming maintenance, urgent maintenance, and emergent issues which can affect the Diablo III game or auction house services are tracked in the Service Status forum. Here's the link:

For updates regarding today's login issues, be sure to check back with this thread:

If you are unable to open the game client, Breaking News alerts can also be found here:
Good luck Blizz IT!
omg gl there ...

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