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07/11/2012 09:20 AMPosted by WolfBear
I like how he answers all the questions about achievements and stuff but avoids the big questions like why are the repair costs not being addressed or what are they going to do in the future patches

We're fine with repair costs where they are for the moment. They're doing what they need to do. People playing where they should and dying moderate amounts while progressing are keeping their income up just fine.

We've said quite a bit about what we'll be doing in future patches, but we'll share specifics as we get closer to their release.

To give a little background: The skill system in Diablo III adds a ton of options and variety to what your character can do. At any time you can completely switch things around and be doing something completely different. So the idea was really embracing the new skill system, and taking those procs and seeing which ones would fit into skills. Granted, there's some tweaking to do there to try to make some more of the skill options viable, but that's the intent. Obviously now we're also looking to expand that to Legendary items, but in addition to skill changes that are coming I think we'll be interested to see how we effect builds and items before we take any further steps.

Sorry Bashiok but this doesnt reflect with the game.
You cant switch your skills at any time:
1) you have a ultra big skill panel that covers 3/4 of the screen, so whatever you wanna change during a fight you prolly die.
2) the 30 sec cooldown doesnt fit with the "any time you can completly switch", i would reprhase "any time you are in town you can completly switch", its the only place were you can switch them.
3) The fact that the key swapping skill from D2 was removed shows more that the idea wasnt to change skills. If the idea was to change skills why did you remove that good mechanic that D2 had and many players liked it.

If i can sneak 2 question and get an answer:
1) there is any idea of removing the 15% fee on Gold AH? i really dont see the point of those 15%, is lost money for the game. We lose 15% of every item we sell just because it would take more hours to code the AH and RMAH work differently?
2) why you didnt tell about the hidden buff on elites affix? all the damage affix(arcane, poison, disacretor,etc) got more dmg, and wasnt announced.
07/11/2012 10:14 AMPosted by Blazur
We've said quite a bit about what we'll be doing in future patches, but we'll share specifics as we get closer to their release.

One thing you haven't commented on yet are the web profiles which was hinted at back in May. Are they still being worked on and expected soon? Will we be able to participate in the AH using these? Can we inspect all our heroes and review our achievements?

We're still working on character profiles. I don't have a timeline I can provide unfortunately, but there's a lot of people working to get them out as soon as possible.

A web-based and mobile Auction House interface for Diablo III is something we've said we think makes a lot of sense, but we've made no formal announcement of plans to implement one yet.
Don't call it a comeback!

What would you like a response to?

The least a subtle essence can be sold for on RMAH is $0.25 a piece. Why can't we sell them for less? IMO $0.25 is a ridiculous price, they should be worth $0.01-$0.05
07/11/2012 10:17 AMPosted by Antipruritic
Honestly if crit damage is a good as I think it will be, we'll be one shotting each other in the PvP arena. All the +AR won't mean much.

Maybe! We'll see. It's team death match, so you keep respawning after each death. Just that fact alone we kind of expect it to be a bit of a meat grinder.
Bashiok, if you CMs could make something like lylirra follow-up points one time every week, it could give this forums more interesting feedback than whinning. Really, I don't think it's hard to do such a post one time a week.

Also Thank you Lylirra for sharing this information with us.
There has recently been a massive amount of talk on the forums with regards to stat rolls on items. Specifically (for example) DH only items with +str, Wizard only items with +dex etc etc.

Is there any info on perhaps changes in the near future with regards to limiting class only items to having relevant stats?

As well as this, being a player yourself Bash, I can imagine even you can sometimes get frustrated when you find an ilvl63 item roll with pitiful stats (Ie. ilvl63 item < ilvl 60 item), or just completely useless items all together that you could not see anyone wanting to use (think pants with +vit, +exp, +arcane res, +attackers take dmg on hit, blah blah blah). Now I understand that the current item system is meant to be random, both myself and many other players get that, however, with these items seeming to be all-too-common it is becoming increasingly hard to find any upgrades (I literally have not found one in weeks! Only bought from the AH).

Are these issues being looked at?
07/10/2012 03:47 PMPosted by Daercoma
I hate to have to run after only hitting a smattering of questions, but I have to run home to meet the cable guy so I can hopefully once and for all get them to fix my internet.

Yeah, sucks that you can't play off line, huh.

The best part is that people have made threads around things that would really make the game better with a bunch of possitive changes. I commented on it, bumped it, basically saying "great ideas" and I hope Actibli$$ard sees this..

I come back the next day, and blizzard had deleted the thread...


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