Favorite ROFLSTOMP 2-hander Barb Build.

I've got a 60 barb who's geared enough to tip-toe through Act 1 inferno, but I find the playstyle a bit boring and rather spend my gold gearing up my Monk.

On the other hand, I love the way the barb plays when he crushes content. Found a decent 1100+ dps 2-hander last night, so I've decided to send my barb back to the minor leagues for solo Act 3 Hell farming.

Wondering what people recommend for maximum entertaining poundage? I've been playing around with cleave again, giving WW a shot, even seismic slam, but I can't settle on any good synergy- too used to the cookie cutter defensive barb build...
def cleave and seismic, its hilarous. just jump into a pack and revenge it down lawl. Personally a DH roflstomp even faster T_T.

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