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Lore and Story
If this game, which is designed to be played over, and over, and over, and over again, had a story structure similar to Mass Effect or Dragon Age, where you make choices that can completely change events and characters from one chapter to another. For multiplayer just make it so that the the person who is the game host makes all the choices. If you want to take it down a different path, you'll have to load your own at an earlier time and make different choices.

It doesn't have to be remotely as big or complex as something like Mass Effect of course, but even managing to change the story in any way, like having two or three different versions of each Act (Good, Bad, Neutral) depending on how well you do (fast enough to save Cain in Act 1, for example, makes him show up in later acts, or saving Leah in Act 3 makes Adria use the soulstone on herself for Act 4) would give it more re-playability.

Obviously it would have taken a lot more time and effort, but after the abysmally bad story this game had, despite its compelling gameplay that has me completing it at least a couple dozen times already, I can't help but be bitter about how it's the games with incredible stories that don't reward you for playing them more than once, as much as you might want to, and games like this that are designed to be played infinite times having such linear and cookie-cutter stories.
Excellent suggestion.
This would fix a lot of my issues with the game. It gives the player control of their destiny and puts the personalization back into the game, even if its just made up in my head (I hate my wizards programmed personality).
I've often wished they would just throw the story out and start over, but I know that won't happen. This way it's more like a choose your own adventure book. They can almost silently and gracefully acknowledge the story has skewed way too far off base, get an effective 2nd/3rd/4th chance at getting it right, and will relieve the need for any future releases to head down this same plot line.
Why let the player choose? That's not Diablo enough. Make it random.

The more random things there are in the game, the better.
A 'passive' type choice would be cool though, like OP's saving Cain timer idea. Or dare I say an 'enrage timer' on an act, where if you take your time Wave after Wave of demon foes/Elites/Champs enter Bastions keep, ultimately ending in death and a cool 'you lose' cinematic, like the endless dungeon idea in other posts.
07/14/2012 09:57 AMPosted by LittleDisco
Why let the player choose? That's not Diablo enough.
Diablo 3 isn't Diablo.
Why let the player choose? That's not Diablo enough. Make it random.

The more random things there are in the game, the better.

each time there is a "re-play" of the game, the game should be different and each character should also have a different story line..it would be awesome, but I guess its too much to ask as that would need years and years of work
thats the kind of thing I was expecting blizzard to give us.

surprise!! ...



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