Another 2 mil gold dissapears what?

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First post, I'm in investor IRL and regret "investing" far too much time in the game even after the patch trying to stay a loyal customer as I have been for years. Regardless of how we all knew the RMAH would destroy D3 it was also a big incentive to play $D3$. The gameplay has been broken and probably always will be. It is no lie this game was build on an interest for business, not people.

So, I had about 10 mil gold to play around with once I quit playing the "boring" part of the game, and that's the gameplay. And started playing the AH as I would a market. Bidding on every valuable piece of item on the gold AH and placing my winnings on the RMAH. It was no huge money maker but was fascinating to be able to take a real money share of your in-game earnings. However, I soon find not only is the gameplay broken, but the AH is as well. The system never returned gold for many failed bids, I've lost almost half of what I originally farmed up mysteriously.

This is only gold and I have been lucky enough to not get screwed by the broken system on real currency. I've heared many stories about people who have lost real money and hundreds at that by playing the RMAH, and unable to resolve anything through lawsuits. I really feel for these people, and it is truely a shame a company does not set this as a priority and reimburse if at all, in a timely manner. Let alone fix what has been such a sensitive system making real money dissapear? Or may it be intended? Shhh, secrets...

Blizzard has been an excellent company with the best titles to ever have launched. When overwhelmed with success, the hunger for more success only becomes stronger, how can we make more money? How far can we tip the scale of customer satisfaction vs profit? I've visited these forums often and the answer is obvious. Blizzard, shame on you for taking such a corporate turn. May other gaming industries learn from this. This game has been the worst investment I have ever made. Good bye.
I lost 13 mil in an ah bug, that wiped two months worth of farming. Reported and blizzard customer support staff say they can't won't be giving any thing back, it's just not their policy. Sad

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