If Jay named a weapon after himself

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07/17/2012 01:51 AMPosted by Error37
no increase the chance to get error37 ??

That's a given.

lols. did not notice.
Double Smack (2-handed Mace)
1200 DPS
+200% to finding more hidden footprints
Fatty Fatty Bom Bomb

-100 intelligence
-100 strength
-100 dexterity
-250 vitality
2.5% chance to get ilvl 40-55 rares instead of ilvl 61-63
Removes effect of nephalem valor
1% chance to stun on hit

"the fatty fatty made poo poo"
-Fatty's mother

+200% to finding more hidden footprints

Jay's Mace

Increases Health from Health globes by 238
Chanche to stun on hit 2.1%
Level requirement reduced by 1
100% extra gold from monsters
100% better chance of finding magical items
Increases rarespawn Arcance Enchanted, Horde and Invulnerable Minions spawnchance by 100%

"And then we doubled it."
07/17/2012 01:36 AMPosted by Baddudez
Dude you're wrong. It was named for a guy named Max.

oh my apologies, i was always under the wrong impression =/

either way.. awesome

I was just being a d*bag. I'm sure that there's a real answer, but Erich and Max were brothers that both worked on the game. It could have been named for one or the other or both.
Befuddling Bacon Strip
Legendary Staff
900 DPS

+300 All Resist
-350 Physical Resistance
+250 Dexterity
-350 Fire Resistance
-25% Attack Speed
+ 400% Magic Find
-350 Cold Resistance
+400% Gold Find
-350 Arcane Resistance
Gold Loot is reduced to 0.025%
-350 Lightning Resistance
+1000% Critical Hit Damage
-350 Poison Resistance
Critical Hit only possible with every $20 purchase.
Loot iLvl Capped at 60
Spirit Regeneration increased by 2.00 per second (Monk Only)
Skill costs quadrupled

Item Level: 64 Account Bound
Cannot Be Sold

Wilsons Wand of WTFun
+50% to durability loss
-50% attack speed
-50% to enrage timers
0.0001% chance to find CM
Treasure chests will not actually drop treasure

hidden stats:
increases firechains/mortar/molten damage by 200%
So back in Diablo 2 there was a unique legendary mallet named schaefer's hammer. Clearly named after the one and only Erich Schaefer. It was pretty decent back when LoD was initally released before all the crazy runewords erupted. I remember thinking, man that item is freaking awesome with its special little AOE proc to reduce enemy health by 25%..

Anyways, if Jay named a weapon after himself and put it into D3 what would it be called? And what would it do?

I don't know what it would be called.

I don't know what it would look like.

I don't know which slot it would use.

I don't know what stats it would have, save one.

+360,000,000 Gold find.
Wilson's Trade Secret

(1) Set - all bonuses acquired even without equipping stacks x 5
-100g per sec (IAS applies as hidden buff)
-cannot be sold to NPC
-cannot be salvaged
-cannot be dropped
-after your gold hits 0 gain permanent debuff -1 bag space (debuff lifted after item traded)
-can be "traded secretly" to other players (will not show on you trade window)

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