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Good Points. Looking forward to this game getting better over time
jailer, frozen, molten, fast ...yup no strong cc in there
Strong CC (Limit 1):

Defensive (Limit 1):
Extra Health
Health Link
Missile Dampening
Invulnerable Minions

Aggressive (No Limit):
Fire Chains
Reflects Damage

These are pretty half assed categories... they don't even make sense...
so now everybody stacks crit because it is too good to neglect. You really should tone it down or boost IAS a tad. As of right now it makes no sense to not have crit on everything which was the case with IAS.
Any updates on more than 3 search affixes on the AH?
2) Allow players to create multiple gems and items with just one click, if you have enough materials.

No plans right now to implement this kind of automated queuing for crafting.

I don't care so much about the BS crafting but please reconsider the gems. It is asinine to sit there in one spot for 10 minutes clicking your way up the gem list. Yes, I realize this is a click spam game. It's horribly monotonous and boring.

The alternative is to consistently visit the Jeweler any time you go to town which breaks up the flow of the game and, if playing coop, makes others that don't want (or care) to visit the Jeweler stand around waiting or running off on their own. Just makes me feel like I'm wasting their time.
Rubberbanding limits build viability as well, any plans to nerf that in the future? Also Druids, game needs another str class, game needs shifting, do it.
I'm speechless with the idiocy of that post from the blue...


Lets nerf IAS because it causes too much damage with people that want to stack that stat.

I just cannot understand whats going through their heads on this game. Are they even paying attention to the forums?
A post like this once a week would go a long way towards silencing some of the complaining.
Frozen is actually the strongest of all the CC's. It deals damage and can be chained.
right now its even predictable... im DH most of my elites has reflect damage on it... say 7/10 elites..

One of the biggest issues we discovered with IAS was that it actively limited build diversity.

Lyrila, did you mean that IAS was actively opening up build diversity in this sentence that you wrote?

IAS was a stat that even lower geared people could stack and become formidable, increasing the number of builds available to them with more damage. As characters in games become stronger, their limitations are reduced, and they can try more fun builds and throw in some weaker spells while still being successful. By gimping IAS, you forced people into their only viable class build for surviving inferno.
The affixes are what everyone is complaining about. I can't believe you are "happy" with them right now.

Also, nerfing IAS that much was just wrong. WD STILL suffer from this more than any other with their "wind up" animations while kiting. You should have just capped it.

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