What was your first computer game?

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What was the first computer game you ever played? Any computer but no console games.

Wizardry on the Apple ][e.
Aside from the educational games they had in school I would say Starcraft since it was somewhat popular back then.

Edit: Ever played? God knows, I vaguely remember back in like 1988 or so playing some game with a stick figure guy that was dodging something... He may have had a parachute. Decent was the first PC game I ever owned, came pre load on the ibm aptiva.
I'm going to assume you meant "Descent," not "Decent." Two very different words...lol

The first PC game I can remember was Bouncing Babies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CdB8y3GHvs
Actually big correction.

It was a hillbilly game, or redneck maybe? hillbilly 2 i want to say, I dont really remember it other than you would shoot stuff.

Found it

The first that I can clearly remember is either Police Quest or one of the King's Quest games (2 or 3). I don't know which was first but I remember both of them.

I can vaguely remember playing a game that was on a smaller computer looking thing, maybe the Commodore 64, so that might count. All I can remember about that is that you were trying to move a guy through a cave with stuff coming after you.
First PC Game ever played was Frogger.
Dune II & Betrayal at Krondor around the same time
Rogue: The Adventure Game, started it all, around 1983. Soon to follow that was the Ultima series and probably my favorite from the 80's, Dungeon Master.
I think Asteroids for Windows 95, I'd been playing console games way before though, like even when I was 3 y/o. SNES ftw.
a game called Munchy on Commodore 64
or Pac-man if you prefer
There was a game on my uncle's computer that I played briefly on a spectacular black and yellow computer screen. It was in DOS and involved two WW1-style planes dogfighting in the air. It might have been called Red Baron or something similar to that.
It was a side view, pretty slow in pace, but pretty awesome to me at the time.

I think this was around '91 or so, as I was a kid and I'm just barely able to remember it.
My fairly well-off uncle had all those cool toys years before my family could afford them.
Doom 1
Wizard101, played that for 2 years or so, went to wow for about 3 years, and then switched between that and rift for a while, then diablo 3 came out and now I'm playing that, most of the time I played nintendo 64/gamecube thats really it b4 I got a computer.
I think mine may have been Return to Krondor or Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall.
Hmmm my first computer was a trs 80, I can not remember the names of games on it, I was fairly young, My first game on C64 was "A Bards Tale", I was like 11 I think.
Not near my first game, but the first one on the c64 I can remember to this day.
Best game I played on that system was "Wasteland" though.
IF we are talking full computer then space quest on a x286 as some may argue a c64 was a hybrid counsel computer, but I used to program it so its a computer to me.

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