So did Mf give you more rare mods in D2?

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I thought they told us it worked exactly how it did in D2? Now we learn MF effects number(not quality) of mods?

I know its an election year but please guys don't lie to us too much more!
i think it affects item lvl overall,or atleast a certain % of getting a higher end item.Ive noticed when other ppl have mf and stacked along with my 317mf; higher lvl items pop out more...theyre not exactly always the best.We all gamble.
No you see today they changed(updated) their own MF page with the info that MF helps the possibility of a rare item to have up to 6 mods on it. Wich, if I'm not mistaken, is not how D2 rares worked. When in fact they stated it worked exactly as in D2.

Wouldn't surprise me if they just figured this out themselves though, so hey go figure!
MF never affected the quality of drops in D2 either.
It has always simply affected the chance of getting rares/uniques, based off an in-built chance for whichever monster you killed.
If a monster has a 1% chance to drop a rare, and you have 100% MF, then that chance is doubled. So congratulations, you now have a 2% chance of getting a rare from that particular mob.

So yes, it works exactly the same in D3 as it did in D2.

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