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I have Always loved the tales of Highlord Alexandros Mograine, The Scarlet Crusade, the Ashbringer, that of The Scourge, and the story of The Lich King. what i say here, could remarkably alter World Of Warcraft, and i am well aware that many will be against it. this is the break down of my novel.

when darion mograine left the crusade to wander the scourge infested countryside, he happened upon an old friend, a scarlet commander named Tyra Dawnbringer (the beautiful Daughter of one of the later to be argent dawn commanders. as she saw darion, she rushed to his aid, and soon, after he recognised her, darion swept her up in his arms, and they had a beautiful baby boy that darion named Derek Mograine. as time went on, tyra took little derek to stormwind at her husband darion's urgent request. as the boy grew up, he would rise to become stormwind's greatest paladin, with power far surpassing the light's greatest champions, like uther, tirian, and even the ashbringer himself! but one question always plagued him, who was his father, who supposedly disappeared during the scourgewar in Lordaeron. his answer would arive in the form of his mother's gruesom murder. her corpse was mutilated, with the ragged skin shaved off the body, and carved into the skin... was a message which read, "your destiny, it is said that you are to bring full circle to the mograine line, your line. if you want to know who your are, and the extent of your limitless power, go to icecrown citidel, and aid the armys that will defeat it's lord in 20 year's time... only after you free the being from his icey prison will you gain the chance to fulfill your destiny, and bring full circle to the Ashbringer."

when derek aided tirian fordering in arthas's defeat, he watched his old friend bolvar fordragon take on the powers and duty of the jailer of the damned. it was then that he realized what the message ment, thus he shattered bolvar's prizen within the frozen throne,and watched as bolvar adorned arthas's armor. bolvar gazed into derek's eyes, and said, "I know everything, but most importantly, i know how to succeed where arthas failed. he then told derek his family history, his destiny, and the path he was to take!

bolvar had learned the magic of harmon, a new magic that was a fusion of holy and shadow, light and dark, life... and death. he created a brotherhood of Horseman, who weilded both rune blades, and the power of harmon. this order, would become known as...
The Brotherhood Of Naxxramas, and their base, and home, would be a fully transformed naxxramas, with a simmiler layout. it would have the Plague Quarter, the Construct Quarter, the Military Quarter, and the Arachnid Quarter. but Naxxramas would have an upper wing, called The Hall of Mograine, a wing that had derek's sleaping quarters, his training area including his Runeforge and HarmonForge , his study, his own command room and a balcony that would overlook the lands that streached before naxxramas.

soon, derek would lead the brotherhood, as well as the full might of the scourge war machine against the argent crusade in the western plaguelands.

naxxramas would become a place simmiler to archerus, housing the new horsemen of the scourge.
the horseman god class would be introduced, a class that startes at level 77, and has it's own quest chain that ends with the player obtaining the reforged ashbringer, infused with the power of harmon.
the horseman have a new ability, harmonforging, and soulcrafting. soulcrafting takes any piece of a plate armor set or weapon, and obsorbs the item's essence, thus allowing the horseman to infuse to onto another plate armor set/weapon via harmonforging. this process cannot be used on legendary items, or any armor that is not plate, as well as in a set. once infused, the original plate armor/weapon takes on the form of the new item, plus adding the new item's stats and abilitys to the old one's.
the horsemen get to purchase a legendary relic, that enables them to mount a deathcharger that is identical to the forsaken mount that can be bought at the argent tournament.

thanks for reading, and please comment with supportive ideas on how i could tweak and improve this consept

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