Multiboxing allowed in Diablo3?

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I know its a 3rd party program but its the same rules in WoW as diablo3. And there are many ppl that use this on WoW
I'd say multiboxing is not allowed, considering we are only allowed one game license per account.

With WoW, we are allowed as many game licenses as we want on an account, and multiboxing is allowed.
I want to say it is, but you have to have 4 seperate accounts. Don't quote me on that because i don't have any kind've source right now.
Multiboxing is a term used mostly in MMORPGs to refer to playing as multiple separate characters simultaneously. This can either be achieved by using multiple separate machines to run the game or by running multiple separate instances of the game.

So I couldn't play 2 copies on 2 different machines? Hmm. People seem to forget what multi-boxing used to mean.

No, you can definitly do that without question. I'm talking about running serveral game clients on one machine using some kind've software. Still trying to get an anwser, seems like there was never really a clear blizzard response about it.
i did see a video yesterday someone posted about how to get like 16 rares per pack kill(or something like that), he had 4 accounts multiboxing... whether they ban him or not , not sure..

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