Taking a break until 1.0.4. ??

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Who's with me?
I'd say about 3.5Million people.

They're gone though, so I'm posting on their behalf. Consider this thread a success.
07/17/2012 02:22 AMPosted by steinKnite
damn, after d3 im worried if sc2 expansion would worth 60bucks just for 6new units and common space cowboy story.

You are pretty stupid.
May be not as much as not touching the game but only playing once a week just to sell stuff in ah, lol. Kinda lost hope with Blizzard overall not just D3.
I was playing off an on for the last few weeks. A couple of hours every few days. I can't do it anymore. I am done. The end game is horrible. I will keep a watch on the patches. But soon I will have GW2 and TL2.

And yes I did get my $60 worth, but Diablo this is not.
I want to but if I do that I fall behind the inflation curve and need to quit perma.
What's the use? we all waited for 1.03, and that did nothing.

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