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Well now when i came across this topic i expected to see more pages of posts but what I have read so far seems to be the general consensus for most of the D3 community, which is no one likes the input limit restrictions. Sure you are going to have the people that it doesn't bother which are mostly made up of casual gamers that play for short periods of time a day or week, but for the gamer that plays religiously (not many left) this is a real nuisance. I have seen many theories about why blizzard is doing this and some people think they are stupid or don't know what they are doing, but I would have to say that blizzard is smart and cunning (expecting flames) and I believe they are doing this for a reason. We all know that this has not stopped botters because they made a script for it as soon as it was implemented so it wasn't designed for that purpose and again i believe blizzard is well aware of this. Someone in this thread posted they believe its an attempt to reduce stress on blizzards servers which is a possibility but my theory on all of this is MONEY. Money makes the world go around people Blizzard and every other company is in the business of making money, how this all ties together in the grand scheme of things I have no idea but I'm 99.9% sure it has something to do with money. I encourage people to keep posting their comments because if this thread becomes big enough Blizzard will pay attention (if they haven't already) and work on an alternative way to accomplish their goals and still make money.
Why the hell would you do that, trying to limit people doing money runs so people are more apt to use your cash cow AH?
The bots just moved out of Core of Arreat and now do laps around the Bridge of Korsik area in games. They're still putting out over 500k/hour, just google it.

First of all, I didnt read all the comments, so forgive me if I am posting something stupid.

I have an idea for solving this damn botting trouble. You guys could implement some kind of captcha for whenever we create a game, or just when we go to town identify our stuff and make the captcha kinda random so botters couldnt avoid it.

If you dont answer for the captcha you should be banned for some hours, and if it happens too much time, maybe a perma ban.

I dont like botters because it hurts auction house, and one of the motives I bought this game is because of the RMAH, so I feel my experience is hurt with so many botters doing 24/7 botting.

I could easily setup some botting on my own, but I dont like the idea so I think its for the best of us do everything we can to keep the botters out of Diablo 3.

I will not answer any kind of flame. But if blizz team wants any other ideas I would love to share my thoughts on the game and everything else.

I dont think that enabling game limits will stop ppl from botting. The only thing that will happen is that they will bot LESS, not STOP botting. Going with my suggestion it would hurt the botting business very hard.

Some variation on this would be a great step in the right direction. We need more ideas like this. But I also think that the game limit solution will help as well. I haven't noticed an issue myself, and I don't think most players will. All I know is I enjoy playing with virtual markets and it's frustrating to think I have to compete with botters.
lol why limit the games we can play, REMOVE RMAH and actually drop worthy items and bot will not profet. Also the gold price on items will not be dramaticly high making the game more enjoyable for all of you loyal customers. but we all know you wont do this because you want your rmah % form every sale. HOW MUCH $ DOES YOUR COMPANY NEED.
Dude, i am achievement farming and it requires a lot of games to be made in order to find particular quests and achievements. You need to stop preventing me from playing the campaign game i paid for. This is pathetic and im sick of your game! Do you know how many issues i have experienced? To many to count, considering i have beatin over a thousand games throughout my life. Stop preventing me from playing the game "input limit reached", so i can play anymore hua? im going to uninstall and get my entire crew to switch games. We will all stop playing, glad i have influence over so many. All the troubleshooting and issues you provided me with my money spent and provided to you isnt worth this. If this keeps happening im moving on and im taking my community who plays with me along. Were getting sick of this!
I am hitting the input limit after 3-4 hours of farming Warrior's rest (roughly 1 game per 3-4 min). Currently it is the most relaxing way for me to collect loot in the game, so I wouldn't mind if I could continue doing it. :)

Please look into dealing with bots in such a way where regular players are not effected consistently.

Edit:: There are times where I restart the game in less than a minute but, generally speaking, the above estimation is roughly my assumed average.
I get this error from just adding stuff to the AH.

hi5! give yourselves a dattaboy!
I hit this last night while farming the Warrior's Rest, but have yet to run into it today (up to almost champion level 6 just off of WR, lol). So I think it was probably just related to the server load last night...
got this error again, from switching acts. Was farming act 1 finished, figured go back to act 2, hit Black soulstone, Boom, you have reached the limit of Blizzards wonderful scheme of bull crap ;)
lol, so they made input limit even worse than before. Now you get it just from clicking around in the menu. Checking auction house. Checking profiles. Too many clicks in a short time and you get the d/c. Well done Jay. Well done.

This cant be just as intended cant it?

Where is a blue post regarding this issue?

The first post even clearly says this:
In the near future, we'll be re-enabling the limit on how many games a player can create within a certain amount of time.

Uh what? Ok so apparently is been going on for awhile now.

Well done Jay!
I like how this thread has just magically disappeared from the General Discussion forum. GG blizzard, not happy plz remove game limits.
there is no limits implemented. for me anyway. i made countless games last night. they were like 20 seconds each, including leave game delay. only thing is the game limit message that pops up randomly when i just log in. and that doesnt happen often.
i somehow keep hittting limi just looking at AH
input limit reached is just a minor annoyance anyway. The ah input limit is to prevent ah bot.
07/16/2012 04:40 PMPosted by Vaeflare
If you encounter the "Input limit reached" message and feel you should not have, please let us know how many games you were creating and why.

As far as the number of games created: 1

I was searching through the AH, placed a few bids, put my 10 items up for sale for the day, and created one game to socket an item with a gem before selling. I also had done various other things such as look at my profile and achievements, chatted with somebody, etc. I went to view public games to join an act4 run and received an input limit reached error and was thrown back to the logon screen.
I'm guessing the input limit takes into account WAY more than just game creations... i joined two public games in the past hour aside from all my AH purchases/sales (total of three game creations, maybe four I can't remember exactly), and reached the input level again and kicked me out. This is absurd.

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