Game Limits Re-Enabled (Updated)

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I hope can be implemented as soon as possible
Great, so now instead of playing legitimately the way I wanted to play (Warriors Rest), I have to play the way Blizzard thinks I should play.

Probably quitting now, this isn't how a AAA company should perform at all.
I'm tempted to test out the input limit.
Just create a new game every 10 seconds until I hit it and record the info.

Though, I don't want to be restricted for a long time. :/
Hooray! I was wondering when this was going to kick in. Hope it weeds out most of the botters. Keep up the great work. Cheers!
Have you fixed the several instant disconnect issues?
Disconnect right after entering a game? or disconnect for using TP after entering the game?
because this worked so well in diablo 2
Will check it out and see, although I have found that getting 5 stacks and just hitting many places better and less boring.
08/06/2012 06:04 PMPosted by Greymantle
Hooray! I was wondering when this was going to kick in. Hope it weeds out most of the botters. Keep up the great work. Cheers!
If anything it will just slow them, but it won't stop the problem.
First of all, I didnt read all the comments, so forgive me if I am posting something stupid.

I have an idea for solving this damn botting trouble. You guys could implement some kind of captcha for whenever we create a game, or just when we go to town identify our stuff and make the captcha kinda random so botters couldnt avoid it.

If you dont answer for the captcha you should be banned for some hours, and if it happens too much time, maybe a perma ban.

I dont like botters because it hurts auction house, and one of the motives I bought this game is because of the RMAH, so I feel my experience is hurt with so many botters doing 24/7 botting.

I could easily setup some botting on my own, but I dont like the idea so I think its for the best of us do everything we can to keep the botters out of Diablo 3.

I will not answer any kind of flame. But if blizz team wants any other ideas I would love to share my thoughts on the game and everything else.

I dont think that enabling game limits will stop ppl from botting. The only thing that will happen is that they will bot LESS, not STOP botting. Going with my suggestion it would hurt the botting business very hard.
Just to be clear: have you encountered the "Input Limit Reached" message while playing? If so, about how long were you playing and, during that time, about how many games did you create? Estimates are fine.

We don't want these limits affecting normal play, and if they are, we need to know when it's happening so we can fix it.

I have not encountered the "input limit reached" this time, yet. But I barely play the game now; usually logging in to check my rmah sales then coming here to Forumblo 3.

Honestly... and I am really trying to be constructive... Why didn't the blizzard team take this kind of care and attention to the players the first time? I can't speak for everyone, but for the group of players I hang out with, we do not trust you anymore.

Re-imposing Game Creation Limits might work to reduce casual botters or sloppy script writers, but we can all acknowledge that it will not stop "professional" botting. As long as there is money to be made, people will be breaking the rules.

For us legit, regular players, you've been using the "stick" way too often, but there are no "carrots" to keep us interested in Diablo 3.

I have some suggestions:
You need a new ToS that validates Game Creation Limits.
You need to give the community some carrots VERY SOON, like... today.
- Give a specific timeline for 1.04. We already paid for a finished product; deliver it.
- Impose your Game Creation Limit (stick) but revert environment loot "Vase Gold" (carrot)
- Disable cut scenes and game play interruptions in nightmare, hell and inferno. (carrot)

I was a Diablo fanboy, but it's frustrating being punished for playing the game the way you nice folks designed it... then redesigned it... then nerfed it... then changed the rules... etc.

If you barely play the game anymore how do you have items to sell on the RMAH?????
08/06/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Cambob
If you barely play the game anymore how do you have items to sell on the RMAH?????

If you look at my profile, you'll see serveral "mule" characters. Back when the IAS nerf was being screamed about, I kinda figured that crit/crit would be the next hot thing and I loaded up on items with those stats.

And yes, all my lvl 60's are using junkish items, lol. I sell the good stuff because money is better than boredom.

Well you still have to play a lot to farm good items that will sell. So that means in turn that you do still play the game a lot.
All I can say that this is starting to sound like a joke to me.

There isnt much engineering now days with Blizzard's game. Everything in this game is dollar driven, every step blizzard takes is to make more money for themselves. How is this game limit going to remotely help the normal players when each run takes 10~15 minute to complete with bots? Are you going to set the limit of the game at 4?

The problem with Diablo 3 is not the game itself but the simple and narrow minded game engineers behind this game.

It makes me laugh, can you imagine your car stops on the freeway because you have used it too much? You want to fix the game? Deliver a single player mode first, and then we will talk.

But then again, greed is what motivates Blizz to make now days... I will stop here. before I get banned for talking too much.
This stopped bots about as well as your Online-only DRM stopped all those bots/explots/hacks.
why hurt normal player when they trying to jump from game to another game in public game

the reason i jump to another room because the first room i join all those scrub is not a good player and everyone gear was like 15k dps (in act2 and act3)

so i leave game and join another game for like 3 times then i got limit reach and have to relogin

whats the point of this thing? why limit normal player about joining too much pub game?

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