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08/06/2012 12:57 PMPosted by Graffinius
This will probably screw up my goblin farming routine. Not happy.

Just farmed the Ancient Path Goblin on A2 for about 2 hours, didn't get booted.
What blizzard needs to do is provide an OPEN, CENTRALIZED system where we can all clearly view bugs, feature requests, vote, respond and see their responses. I don't mean using the forums where posts after posts gets lost in a sea of, well, posts. A separate tracking system made public (they probably use something internally, hope to god its not just an excel spreadsheet). If enabling this in the game were pitched to all active players, they would have voted it down citing many of the things you all cite here.

"doesn't stop pro bots, limits leg players, etc"

Blizz needs a better way to communicate with its users (those on and off forums). I also agree that this isnt fixing the root cause of the problem but masking it, in software this leads to a ton of rot...which is what is happening in D3, you are patching/bandaiding and not really re-evaluating the core.
I hit the limits farming act2 goblin, I hit limits trying to finds games where certain unique achievement bosses are.

any content that requires making new games to farm over and over you just screwed up.

Game limits is seriously a most ridiculous idea .. Blizzard should learn that restricting players from playing how THEY want to play in a "FARM" oriented game is just plain ....

S T U P I D ! ! !

Reverse this change.
playing hc and was doing warriors rest runs. limit reached so fast.
Well guys, hope everyone already has the staff of herding because this is going to completely screw all of those people over since the items for it rarely appear or drop. Hey Blizzard... FAIL! Its not a wonder 90% of the people I played with don't play anymore, things just continue to get worse.
I joined ONE game last night and it was a fail party, everyone was leaving so after being in there about 1-2 minutes I exited and was logged out due to game input limit... This time limit is ridiculous especially after joining ONE game....
Yea, not to mention pretty much every public game you join is always full of jackasses @%@@ing around in town the whole time just making the game harder... so of course you quit and then rejoin to find a good one until "INPUT LIMIT REACHED, BLIZZARD PROFITS... DEFINITELY NOT"
oh and the only way I could make decent gold to buy items in the AH to progress was to re-create games (for example: the northern highlands tower) but now I can't do that. So I'm basically out of a way I semi-enjoyed getting items. Now I have to play the way blizzard wants me to, through the entire act. Awesome. I quit btw.

I was hanging out on the forums hoping patch 1.0.4 would be worth it but after seeing this post I have lost all hope. The game will keep changing and pissing me off one way or another.

Thanks for ruining the Diablo franchise. It's sad because the game engine,'s all there to make an AMAZING game. Epic fail.
And i thought the game couldnt get any worse.
This is almost my breaking point. Not long before its not even worth logging in.

If bots are the reason for this, then maybe find another way to track them. Instead you stop normal people from being able to farm goblins etc.

Mow people who have botted and have all the gold are fine, what about the people trying to get the stupid amount of gold needed to buy anything?.

Complete rubbish.
It was a bad idea before and it still is now, did you not learn from the previous time you implemented this and how much negative feedback you got as a result of it?
One word feedback... horrible.

One word is all that is needed, now change it back immediately.
Stopping me from killing things over and over again....... Wasn't that the POINT of this game?????
Farming goblins, limit reached after about 20mins

Just started today. (even though it's been enabled for weeks), guess they are limiting it even more.
what happened between yesterday and today? The input limit wasn't causing me issues until I sat down to farm my usual route and I got it pretty quickly...

was there some hotfix I wasn't aware of?
is this a joke? soooo freaking ridiculous. Blizzard... I've been here through it all, since Diablo 1 came out. I played SC when it came out, as well as every single game/expansion you have ever released. If you can't find the botters, than I give up. there is no excuse for these measures, there is no reason you should ruin normal peoples play just to foil the botters. I understand that they shouldn't be botting, but the counter-measures you're implementing are keeping me from playing. so goodbye Blizzard. I truly will miss the days that you were fun.
doesn't Bliz pretty much have spyware on our comps to check if we're hacking? why all these measures to stop people from farming?
5 games in 30 minutes. Farming in act 4 inferno.
Limit reached. How about you stop telling us how to play the game and let us play the game.
Blizzard, you forced players to give up this game....ok, you get it
You totally WIN.

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