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Lore and Story
Is is my opinion that for PvP in Diablo 3 to succeed, it needs to have many options. The traditional 2v2 arena style along with several maps is just fine, but there also needs to be other PvP styles to choose from; free-for-all, capture the flag, etc. are just a few archetypal examples.

I have an idea for a few PvP maps that I think would be really cool. I'm not sure what to call it, so I'll just explain it. It would be a bit like the Caverns of Time dungeons in World of Warcraft, except with PvP. The players would be transported into the map as heroes or villains from the past and would fight the battles that made or unmade Sanctuary. The heroes would have up to 6 set skills to choose use.

Map Examples:

The Binding of Destruction
4 players would fight in a 3v1 style fight in the deserts of Aranoch. 3 players would fight as Jered Cain, Tal Rasha, and Zoltun Kulle allied against Baal, who would be played by the 4th player.

The Battle for the Worldstone
Taking place on Pandemonium, this could be a 1v1 or 2v2 map where one half of the team fights as angels, and the other half demons. Instead of having up to 6 set skills, there could be perhaps a pool of skills that would be randomly chosen for each battle.

The Battle of Viz-Jun
This would be a 1v1 map taking place in Viz-Jun (go figure), where one player would be Horazon, and the other Bartuc. To make this interesting, a number of each heroes skills summons equally powerful demons to fight with them on a cooldown.

Beneath the Cathedral
Another 3v1 style map set at the gaping maw of Hell beneath the Tristram Cathedeal, 3 players would fight as a warrior, rogue, and sorcerer against the last player fighting as Diablo.

The Benefits:

- Provides a unique and interesting way to tell stories from Sanctuary.
- Has no gear considerations whatsoever and would be entirely based on skill

Let me know what you guys think!
Love this idea! Some other possibilities:

Rite of Passage
3v1 map where three players battle as the Ancients Korlic, Madawc en Talic against one player who just plays as himself/herself, or possibly they may choose one of the seven D2 classes.

The Sin War
1v1 map: battle as either Belial or Azmodan, using scours of minions to decide who will rule the Burning Hells.

Bastion's Keep
2v2 or 1v1: Barbarians storm the Keep, while the other players defend it.

(or thinking a little bigger)
The Eternal Conflict
2v2 or 1v1: Play as either one of the Angiris Council or one of the seven Great Evils and settle the Conflict once and for all.
Integrating story into pvp will be easy. There is a ton of ways to have the Evils turn humanity upon themselves...

In the Desert control over water is important. a 3v3 between two oasis' in a territory control fight perhaps.

Huge chaotic battles in Hell. Battle royale 5v5 arena style matches on a twisted layered map. Perhaps a demonic team thrown in randomly to mess things up.

I like the thoughts of having historic battles included but i think players would have to to be sided with these important historical Diablo figures rather that be them. Something like this...

Azmodan has begun to seige the Keep. He's using demons and evil humans of varying classes to attack the Keep. Players must assault the keep or defend it. While fighting they have the opportunity to take out some form of enemy asset. Once the asset is down then the match ends. There is either a hole in the walls or a seige engin destroyed
I would say for some of those ideas, having to play as something other than your character wouldn't be that much fun. We spend our time building up our characters, and having whatever sort of personal investment in them, and then for certain PvP arenas, we would be something else.
That's a very good point, LittleDisco. However, as mentioned in the OP, I think that for PvP to thrive in Diablo III there needs to be several options. This could still be one of those. It could even use the points that you mentioned to its advantage.
I think a great idea for a whole expansion or new game would be a story focused on the eternal conflict. Prior to the first game, like when Tyrael mentions that they almost broke through the gates of heaven.

You fight all seven evils, blah blah blah

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