Taking a break 'til they fix the 30 second DC

I keep hearing about other players losing their characters to disconnects. I lost one of mine to a loading screen crash at a checkpoint. A five to ten second delay in disconnect client-to-server is slightly manageable, but I've already encountered games where people got DC'd while I was playing with them, stood there for at least 30 seconds, and ended up dying because we were dealing with Arcane Enchanted Illusionists.

So I'm taking a break from playing my level 50+ chars until this is fixed. I might start some little guys and level them for awhile, but there's no way in hell I'm playing this game to lose my higher levels to a server crash. Yeah, I know they're gonna die, but no one plays this game for the high odds of dying to technical problems.

D2 rarely did this to players. A disconnect was deadly, but it was also quick. I doubt HC D2 would've been as popular back then if it had 30 second lag bosses killing everyone.

prove it's 30 seconds
Lastnight I got DC'd in the middle of a fight, thinking for-sure my little guy was dead, but it was an instant DC. I was able to immediately log back into a new game. Maybe things are improving?
^^ this would be my dream currently working on a WD and right now im tanky enuf to actualy survive 10 seconds of idle when i have my dogs/garg out (just starting nm act 1)

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