Blizzard Steals Money Again from player

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Highly Rated <-- Link for proof that the item sold <--- Link for proof that the item SOLD ingame

First Convo with Blizz stating that in fact the item was sold and takes time

This is then them stating how it didnt sell when the first link says THEY sent me and email stating it sold after the pending time everyone gets these after the review.

Then this is them saying how wait how it didnt fail its completed its not pending anymore so changing there story again lol.

Now this is where it gets great now they go back to saying the item was sent to me when A. I have a flipping EMAIL stating the auction cleared WHY THE HECK WOULD THE ITEM go back to me and then B. These people just stated like earlier that IT SOLD and isnt pending what is this I contradict myself city???

Then this is where my IQ just drops from what there saying

Then this is where they finally go okay sorry item is lost we cant do nothing nor will we and we sorry oh well.( Totally forgot they make like 1 billion gold in fees everyday to)

So with this stated I have already made a complaint towards the FBI and BBB because well after having to deal with this stuff its a joke but please everyone tell your friends and others make it public cause I want this stuff fixed and they refuse to fix it when I have proof it was there fault.
For those who want the short story the first 2 links show the item sold and I should be getting my item then the last 6-7 convos show blizzard giving me run around stating item sold wait then saying it failed then saying it lost and etc. Finally blizzard going we cant help you item is gone sorry bye.
This item has sold and they are pretty much stating it did sell then it didnt. They just dont want to have to pay and wanna pocket the money. I already wrote to the FBI IC3 with a complaint also.
Thank you I edited the profanity out
You should go to the media man, this happens way to often and it's completely ridiculous how many people get scammed by blizzard. No wonder people would rather buy from 3rd party websites, it's cheaper and safer...

But seriously, you should go to the media, maybe they can write something up release it and then blizzard will finally have to solve this issue or have their rep destroyed even more.
I wish you the best of luck.

180 dollars is no joke....
Ya Im trying to get to the media dunno all where to go already went to the FBI IC3 Want an article written up like on forbes type thing but dont know how to get in contact with them.

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