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I'm using a digital account, but it is now active and I can visit the auction house. I've tried using my friends' emails and I've tried using one of their battle tags. It always seems to tell me "Error 3"
Battle.Net went down for a few hours for me, and when it came back up, everything worked right. No problem anymore
I'm getting the error right now 7/17 11:06 PDT
still getting errors here too 7/18 20:30 CDT
I also get the "Error 3" when trying to add new friends. I installed the game on Wednesday the 18th via a friend's CD (so I didn't have to download it) and paid for a license online so I wonder if that has anything at all to do with it.

Is there an official post responding to this bug? I did see one with some blue action but it said the problem was a temporary 3 day thing while they are validating a user's account. It's been over 3 days for me and no change.
There's an Error 3 page here. Try these steps out:
could you guys report my character name? battle tag is HARDEN1M#1429
07/22/2012 07:43 PMPosted by HARDEN1M
could you guys report my character name? battle tag is HARDEN1M#1429

I have this problem as well. Error 3 when adding a friend. What gives?

Try connecting to your Account Management page and changing the account's password. That will force a refresh of the account data and ought to remove any remaining trial restrictions which may be involved with the error you're seeing.

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