So I've Pre-purchased Guild Wars 2

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Yep prepurchased it too. Game looks amazing! Can't wait for June 20 to try the beta.

I will NEVER look at a game and say it looks amazing before it's released ever again, not after D3. I'm going to wait on reviews from my friends from now on.
You can have pet sharks! That sounds dangerous!

sounds like D3

I think the system is awesome because it just happens at anytime and anywhere.
It makes the world keep changing based on player's participation.

Not so much. I haven't even played the beta that much and it's already obvious they're the same repeating events, at best some of them have loops with a couple of win/fail branches.

Personally I find the game quite underwhelming. The art style is overly pretty (particularly human city). Active combat get very repetitive once you figure out what to watch for for each mob type. Battleground PvP is the same old junk we've done in WoW and every MMO since BGs were invented, except you get handed a full set of gear to start with. Weapon used determines skills and there is no skill customization for half your bar.

The one redeeming quality I see in it that I'm holding out hope for is the 3-way open-world PvP with siege and capture points. It has a DAoC RvR vibe to it and I hope it succeeds in recapturing that.
I rather spend 80 bucks on gw2 + tl2 than buys stuff in the rmah. Should not be hard to be more fun than d3

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