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Everyone in the Diablo 3 Community, this is my attempt of 'giving something back'. I have had a lot of help with builds, itemisation, etc etc, so I hope this helps someone else equally.

Today I noticed I had a lot of gold. With this I wanted to craft a load of stuff. However, it was more annoying than I remember it being on a 'large scale'. As a result, I made this spreadsheet, which is linked to below.


The spreadsheet is editable to be able to accommodate for whatever you want to mass produce. It will calculate how much you need to spend in order to craft your desired amount, and will even compensate for what materials you currently have.

For discussion purposes, let's use Fiery Brimstones.
In the spreadsheet under "Current Inventory" it is listed as 3 (let us pretend you have 3 in your inventory). That effects the "Purchase Quantity" which would originally be 80.
"Brimstone/Piece" is how many Fiery Brimstones you required to make 1 of the item.
"Cost/Piece" is an approximate value which you should change every time you craft.
"Purchase Quantity" is how many you need to purchase to craft your desired amount.
"Cost" is the total cost of all the Fiery Brimstones.

Down the bottom is "Total Cost" which is everything added together, obviously.

As a result, all you have to edit is:
The title? :p Seven Sins isn't for everyone I guess.
Your "Current Inventory" every time you craft.
Item/Piece to calculate correctly because it is currently setup for Seven Sins.
Cost/Piece to calculate the days price more correctly (I always round up a bit).

I hope it helps someone out there. Thumbs up / bump etc if you find it handy!

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunantly I don't have Google Apps, and Google Docs 'skewers' spreadsheets a bit. :(
Change the number to be made from 40 to 1 and the results is a negative number...

PS Crafting in this game is a joke and a complete gamble ;)
It's a negative number because it's still including the 'current inventory' you have listed I assume. If you change those to 0 it's another story. I'm not super good with excel, so I'm not sure how to go about changing that. I could consider making each material type be highlighted to show people that it's already 'fine' instead of it coming out as a negative.

Thanks all the same. Gives me something to do.

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