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Making a great game even better. Awesome.
All I want is more information on when 1.0.4 will be released. How close is it? Can we get that dev blog talking about skill changes/buffs?

Also, keep working on that Necromancer for the expansion. Necro gonna be awesome.
Hopefully part of the endgame they implement includes a way to increase the power of runes or an increased level cap.
THey don't nerf your damn drops due to the RMAH, the drops are completely randomly generated, the only difference between them is that more high ilvl items drop the further you go. THAT DOESN"T MEAN THAT THEY WILL ROLL GOOD STATS. Obviously, the only way to make the AH not mandatory is to improve item rolls, he addressed it it's coming in some way or another, blizzard is not going to sacrifice the franchise that put them on the map to gain a couple of extra dollars off the RMAH.

RMAH conspiracy stuff is utterly rediculous, they make far more money off making a popular game that people like than they ever could off of the RMAH. Not even to mention the sale of the expansions, it would be TERRIBLE business for them to do so. So if Blizzard is the all powerful greedy gaming corporation of your nightmares, they STILL wouldn't jeopardize losing 100's of millions of dollars from a future expansions for millions from the RMAH.
07/19/2012 05:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
On the flipside, we are also committed to ensuring you have a great experience with Diablo III without feeling like the auction house is mandatory, which was never our intention. Thank you for all the feedback about that.

THIS! THIS THIS THIS! If you guys do this I will love you for EVER. I love the AH dont get me wrong, and I slowly pour in money week by week and treat myself to a nice item now and then from the RMAH now and then, but the most rewarding feeling you can get from Diablo is finding a nice item every few hours (something I have not felt since reaching lvl 60). With this it will feel worth the effort of playing. Sure the game will always have fun mechanics, but rewards make it adictive and makes me want to "just kill one more elite pack" which can turn into 20 packs easily. With this and the buffs to other abilities I can be sure I am not being fooled into reaching for a carrot that doesn't exsist.
07/19/2012 05:11 AMPosted by icicid
Work on the gameplay, stop trying to design the economy. RMAH should be convenient, not protected at the cost of fun. Most bought this game to kill demons, not play the AH.

This! I hated using the AH in WoW, and cringed when I heard there was going to be one for Diablo. Playing the AH is NOT fun. When I have 45 minutes to game, I want to spend all of that time slaying demons. I want to be swarmed by them and mow them down. I want to really feel like a hero! Instead, when I do have 45 minutes to play, I spend 10 to 20 minutes on the AH because I can't find any loot on my own even with 250+hours played in inferno with more than 225 MF. Not one single upgrade found.

Lets get the items and drop rates fixed. Stop trying to balance everything. Bring back the epicness that was demon slaying. Please!

I will like to ask in part of your updates for the future that you make the recent players list editable. I played with some random people when the game first came out and I see them on my social tab always. It would be a nice touch to be able to remove them. if i wanted to keep them on my friends list I would add them to it. Also, I do hope that your new legendary items are more unique. would be nice to see class specific items. Want to also mention that I have played multiple hours and have characters in all the difficulty levels and have yet to come across a legendary or set item. I know this isn't D2 but would be nice to see a level 10 in set items or legendaries again. Another thing I would also like to see would be to be able to go to other acts while in a game from the way point. whats wrong with going back to act 1 from act 4 in the same game to play around? I hate having to leave the game to select an act 1 quest.
Great Epic loot same bad drop rates means 1 legend every 100 hours or so another reason to use RMAH GJ blizz nice idea
lol @ people still complaining about no offline mode, even though they have been saying this way before launch
Sorry but it would take a major overall to fix this game and that's not what is being said here.

Throwing in a few impossible to find legendaries and a pvp patch somewhere in the distant future is not going to fix this auction house simulator (er I mean game).

The loot drops are crap.
The loot design is crap.
Monsters past act 1 inferno are set to stupid mode, it's tedious not fun.
There is no incentive to run team games of 4.
etc. etc. etc.
I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with the message considering it was pretty cryptic and vague in nature. However, I am glad that they at least are acknowledging that there a lot of concerns coming from the community.

The true "test" for this will be to see what actual changes they will make.

That's great that they are looking at buffiing legendaries (they should be doing that)... but what about a VERY consistent theme of low and very poor itemization on high end items?

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