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very glad to hear this (as i'm sure others are as well).

the last few weeks the boards have been rather negative, and justly so imo.

while i know you can't give away details of all upcoming fixes/tweaks/work/etc, i think more communication like this would help offset the one-sided negativity.

those of us that are struggling to continue to play d3 need it.

thanks again for the post, mike.

- $5 fanboi
Thank you for your updates! I think i can play continue and hope for the future updates with 1.0.4 and more.
when's the next patch notes with AH fix only?
thx for the post but everything said is just so ambiguous
i only care for fixed drops tbh
by fixed drops i mean inferno with only ilv60616263 drops and change the randomness of the stats to values that make them usable in inferno. also, buff legendaries drop rates....
07/19/2012 05:20 AMPosted by GivenToFly
So, no direct response to the "item hunt" being the "garbage hunt" and so many have concluded to be futile. I am one maintenance Tuesday from quitting myself. If there is no item to find, there is no reason to play. The ilvl 63 drops are trash. Please address this with specifics.

You realize the reason that those occur is because of the sheer lunacy at the amount of items that drop in general right? If even 10% of the yellows that dropped were useful then everyone would skip the AH and no one would keep playing because they'd have maxed out all their gear.

Gaming is an emotional experience. Games play into our emotions to generate a pleasurable sensation. That list would include thrill, speed, excitement, fear, power, etc.

Now, answer this honestly. Do you find a resplendant chest to be very respendent? I find them disappointing.

Do you find after having 3 deaths to down a hard pack and picking up your ilvl(doesn't matter) loot and using ID to reveal garbage exciting? I find it disappointing.

Do you find IDing your 4000th ilvl 62+ rare to be garbage rewarding? I find it disappointing.

Do you wonder why the word "disappointed" has been used in SO many posts? Simple. It is the emotion produced most often by the game. It gets reinforced every 3-5 minutes of gameplay. The overwhelming sense of disappointment starts to take hold and the game gets labeled a disappointment. It's as if they have never heard of psychology.

Do you know how we get a rat to press a lever? We make that lever drop food. Stop dropping food and tell me what your rat will do after 1 month. Plain facts that MOST people accept as logic. I do your leave room there for your opinion though.

In some ways, I think Blizzard has confused technically exciting with emotionally exciting. It may be uber cool to use your gaming engine to do technically wonderful things which have never been done before. If you are a gaming programmer, you might be able to have countless hours of enjoyment discussing that code and it's inner workings. I am a gamer. If that wonderful code produces negative emotions, expect a negative client. Also plain logic most would accept as FACT. But, again, I leave room for your opinion.
Thank you Mr. Morhaime for a well thought out post. I have only one issue with your statement: there is no timeline for completion.

I am excited for the future changes, especially the legendary buffs, as I have been since it was announced this would be included in a future patch. However, I once again would appreciate a timeline for completion.

I appreciate your want and willingness to connect to the Diablo fanbase and assure them of the epic changes that surely await their heroes. I continue to have faith in each of the developers as they tirelessly work towards a better game. I have watched many of the development videos prior to release and the technical expertise and passion for developing a great game is overflowing from your most talented employees.

But I would appreciate a timeline for completion.
Minor Things Addressed in Post: Legendaries, Class Skills, AH reliance.
Major Things Ignored in Post: Duping, Botting, Scamming, Poor Loot, Crafting Being Useless, Bugged Affixs.

1.0.4 is going to be a huge disappointment, I hope I can get my hour a day down to 0 by then.
Can we have a vague timeline for a 1.4 release? A few weeks from now? A month from now? A few months from now?? Thanks!
Thank you!

Edit: added exclamation point :)
Blizzard will mould and perfect this game.

There is a reason they are the biggest game company in the world.

Have faith.
07/19/2012 05:10 AMPosted by TBS8672
There is one HUGE thing thats missing here...LOOT...if they don't buff loot in general (better rare drop stats)..they may as well not do anything.

I really hope they don't. Its been buffed enough already. I don't need an upgrade every single farm run. That just doesn't work for game longevity
He is just trying to instill hope by giving the community a sense of the direction in which the game is headed.

For those of you who think that it is the President of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime's job to comment on individual game exploits and potential changes: that is not really how it works lol

Normally, that would be great...but it should have been co-incident with more specifics on how they plan to fix their game.

Not to mention that the message is out of touch with even the larger, broader issues -- such as lack of communication/mishandled customer feedback and sarcastic forum presence from their CMs.

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