Is this the last Diablo game?

Lore and Story
Is this going to be the last diablo game because you defeat all the lords of hell, but i really liked this game, with there ever be a diablo 4?
Nah, it's not going to be the last. They'll keep making excuses for Diablo to keep showing back up.

Adria: Before Leah was defeated, I broke off a piece of the Black soulstone, and shoved it into Imperius' pet cat! Mwahaha!!

Tyreal: I thought evil was vanquished for good...

Adria: Yeah, well, it wasn't. Spot! Get them!

Spot: Feel the TEH-RAWR!!!
xD i think thats the greatest story i've ever heard
Hard to say. I honestly think that it is.

As Metzen said, Diablo 3 was the end to Diablo's story. Sure there will be a number of expansions and Diablo 3 was built to last so it probably has at least a solid 10 years in it. If Diablo 4 was to exist, I wouldn't expect it until then.
I feel like they're trying to wrap the story up on the old Diablo series to do something new with the franchise name. It's getting ever more popular for games to be built on the social aspect and it's tough to turn a game that was at it's heart and soul a solo/co-op over to that big MMO style model. Fans don't like it. Maybe why they tried so hard to implement the AH, because they knew they'd never get the existing fan base on board for a MMO?

MMO style is long term much more profitable for a game company and I wouldn't be surprised if they're going to wrap up the story of the solo style play with D3 and it's expansion(s). I mean they even have a great catalyst built into the story to justify how they would go MMO, the Nephilim. I could see them going the route of the future of the Diablo franchise being an MMO and it's OK that everyone is super powerful in that game world because the Nephilim have come into their own again and so now the entire human race is once again god-like.

That's my take anyway, guess only time will tell... I sure hope not though. I'm pretty old school and have zero interest in MMOs and have no intention of ever playing one. Just as bad would be to give in to the "lets make it console crossover friendly" mindest. So many awesome PC games have been screwed up recently thanks to that. In fact Blizzard gets at least one big thumbs up from me for making a game that still has the PC in mind first.
I think Diablo 3 will be the last of the franchise within this "timeline" since they've already killed Cain (the only character present in all Diablo games so far). They may want to create a Diablo game in a different setting than the previous 3 games and move forward.

But turning Diablo into an MMO won't be wise and will definitely kill what remains of the franchise's fan-base after the fails of D3.

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