Alternate (in game) Reality

Lore and Story
    With the shattering of the Worldstone in the previous installment of the series you the hero are hurled back in time to the beginning of the game; your hero seems to have no memory of the occurrence and it continuously repeats itself (Normal, Nightmare, Hell) over and over.
    Would it be safe to say that fragments of the Worldstone still harness this power? and if so would your hero in D3 be able to quest to them and figure out a way to change the course of history in Sanctuary, perhaps with the assistance of the Angel of Wisdom?
    I thought this was an interesting idea and perhaps it would even allow multiple expansion opportunities.
    Thoughts? or Additions to the idea?
Did the Worldstone dissolve or are fragments still in Sanctuary?
When the worldstone shattered, the dimensional barrier broke, and all the pulp began seeping into our world.
LittleDisco, what exactly did you mean by pulp? perhaps the essence of the worldstone?

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