Dear Mike, Actions Speak Louder than Words

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Something needs to be done fast.
Spot on in everything you said...

After all this time in the dark, Mike's lacking substance of a post is the final nail in the coffin and proves they still don't have a clue.


We all expected it to happen.

Until they admit that the game isn't as fun as Jay Wilson would have us believe.. this company is dead to me.
Totally agree with OP, you cannot find good enough drops to survive in inferno without using AH. I tried for weeks to get a decent weapon but all the drops were crap and finally relented and used AH to get a somewhat decent weapon and some armour pieces to survive in inferno. Getting 1 hit killed because elites have jailer or wall x 4 enemies spamming it is no fun for a DH.

Farming using NV also gives you more rares but most items are not worth keeping, even for other classes of characters. Really, Blizzard purposely nerfed the drop rates so that AH and RMAH will succeed.

Also elite mobs should not be placed at entrances in dungeons as you can't run away and if you try to run, you will run smack into other enemies, really use some common sense in your game design. Not everyone's character is overpowered.

Also please take a second look into offline play, not everyone wants to pay internet charges each time they play a game.
One blanket statement, with no real info or news, does not give me a lot of confidence about where this game is going. Most of what I saw was Mike talking about how great this game sold and all the money they are making. He did mention a new "system" of some sort for lvl 60's, but really addressed none of the more important issues.

If I'm going to keep playing this game, down the road once it's fixed, the first thing that I REQUIRE is improved loot system. I'm OK with having to put in some time and work, but I should get get low rolls on stats for level 63 items. The level range for 61-63 items is too much and the affix levels for stats is just way too broad. If I get an item with Str, the minimum should be like 70 or 80, not 20 or 30. If they improve loot so the tolerances for stats are much tighter, I may be interested in playing more. But right now, why bother? I'm as likely to win the lottery as I am to get a good level. Gear is supposed to be exciting and rewarding. I've seen no reward at all, personally.

Another key thing is the end game, obviously. A person can only grind act 1 so much before the become sick to death of it. Yet if I want to try "progression runs", I'm penalized so steeply and the risk vs. reward makes it not worthwhile to do anything but act 1 with lots of MF gear.

Buffing the legendaries will be a nice change and any sort of additional end game content is welcome. But ultimately, this game is just not FUN. The combat itself is pretty cool. I dig the graphics and animations. But the game lacks excitement and difersity.

I think Blizzard knows what we want. The question is will they give it to us. This game was really released before it was ready and the RMAH is centric to the entire design. I just don't get the whole loot thing though. If items weren't so rare and I could maybe buy some gear on the RMAH for fairly cheap for an alt or something, it might be worth considering. But what is 1 item for $50-$100 gonna do in the long run for me?

Blizzard has truly suffered some serious customer dissatisfaction with this game and will need to really listen to the community if they seek to repair the damage done. I hope they can do it right, I really do. I've had such respect for so long from them, but it's like they sold out for money and the RMAH. Don't let Bobby's hate for games and greed control you guys. Loyal games remember everything and will reward or punish the devs with sales, or lack thereof in due time..

And seriously guys, if you want to make money off microstrasactions, why not just put lots of cosmetic stuff in the game, like the angel wings. Pople might spend money on that stuff.
I agree with you but not the AH.
Come on, now is year 2012, I don't want to spam
the Trade Channel to sell my items.
07/19/2012 12:15 PMPosted by Joules
what I really, REALLY want

So tell me what you want what you really really want.
Heh. You think Morhaim wrote that, and that he'll even read the forums?
He's at the top, he has little people do this stuff.

But I agree. Great post.
Great post. I agree with OP.

There is so much potential with diablo 3 yet I feel its lacking so much.. Mostly I despise the mmo system. I payed to play solo only.

I don't care about online nor about any selling or buying gear from other players. I have no interest in this. I prefer to explore the world and get it myself if the game ever drops good loot. Most of the stuff I make. Better than what drops. :)
Excellent post OP. Hope a CM can reply to this or they will put this post more intention as they are working on the next patch.

Sticky requested.
Agreed. Thanks op! Put into words what I could not.
At first 1.0.3 was a blessing 'cause I was stuck farming act 1. I managed to make to act 3 beforehand but couldn't tank anything as a monk. But then once I realized that loot quality was nerfed, the fact that I could get I62/63 items wasn't so thrilling.

So now I see 1.0.3 as just throwing the majority of players a bone - something to get our attention for a while. But the positive aspects of 1.0.3 (like grouping not making mobs deal more damage) do not outweigh the negatives (like people still not wanting to group because of MF sharing and too large of a health jump on mobs), not to mention repairs, IAS, and a bunch of stealth nerfs.

What I'm hoping, is that my post or similar posts were read and taken into consideration;

I installed hellgate global, and I'll be playing that until D3 is brought in line with my suggestions or in other ways that will make playing it interesting/fun for me again.
Empty words from Mike
At first I thought the game was great, besides the annoying pastel colors and cartoonish artwork (apparent when zoomed in). However it didn't take long for me to change my mind and burn out quickly. I beat Diablo 1 and 2 with every single character, vanilla and expansion - I played each of those games for years. However in Diablo 3 I've only beaten the game with one character before getting bored.

It's a shame because the game had potential. There's a lot of neat stuff about it: the large variety of enemies; the 3 dimensional battlefield; the number of spells/runes, etc. But the re-playability of Diablo 3 is real low for me. The magic drops are frustratingly inconsistent and a joke since 1.0.3. The legendary equipment is a joke and a total ripoff in the AH. The storyline and dialog must have been written by a 5 year old. They need an option to mute the NPC banter - it's not funny, entertaining or helpful in any way. If I ever have to hear "Do you think the enchantress is... enchanting" again, I will suffer brain damage. The hirling banter is as annoying an idea as the talking car door, "your door is ajar".

The game just doesn't feel rewarding or satisfying to play anymore - and I feel like I got suckered in just wasting my time leveling my only character up to level 58. I hope the fact they already have our money doesn't mean the game will never be salvaged.

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