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Question for this - SPOILER ALERT AHEAD...

I have read/heard that Whimshire is set up so that it is as difficult as either Act IV or even the next level of difficulty. However, in Diablo 3, Blizzard does not allow you to travel to previous acts like they did in Diablo 2. So,how does one venture through Whimshire in Act I when clearly characters are not either geared well enough or posses the Strength, Dexterity and/or Vitality to do so?

I am using an 18th Level Monk with decent capabilities and gear and am ready to face the Butcher - but I do not want to yet because once I enter into Act II, Whimshire will not be available to this character unless I use the option to replay a quest.

How have some of you other players dealt with Whimshire?
It's whimsyshire.
That place is frikken' easy.
Well for one you can't even go about getting all of the items to even think about entering till you're at the end of ACT IV. (This is if you even get the rest of the items from earlier acts.)

Let alone you can always go back to different difficulties and do it later.
I think you are making out going to previous acts as more detrimental than it really is.
umm, not sure what you're asking....

no matter if you have an inferno character or not, change your starting point for a single player game to anything.....invite any friends you want to this 'single player game'....you could also once started up, open the game you just started AT ANY STEP IN ANY ACT IN ANY DIFFICULTY with your inferno character (just as an example).

If you're trying to JOIN a public game that HAS ALREADY STARTED, then Blizz limits what's available by your level, but you can create a game at any level for any character, as long as that character has reached that level.

Does this help?

Hello? Am I gettin through? Take care!

EDit: for example, for someone else, my inferno character started up a Whimsyshire game for normal mode by

1. starting a single player game starting at like 3 or 4th line down on Act 1 Normal

2. invite any friends you want (doesn't have to be open to the public, per se)...but you could at this point open it to the public (this is a game you can't join if you just go looking for a game, because it's level limited to join a game you didn't create)

3. go talk to the ghost king and moo away...

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