Monk - Secondary: tempest rush, bluster bug

Bug Report
When fighting elite groups or large mobs I use my secondary skill Tempest Rush (Charge through your enemies, damaging and knocking them back) with Bluster (Enemies knocked back have their damage reduced) to fight my way out of cornered situations. I'm noticing this doesn't work on elite groups, but it does reduce their damage. However the real bug in this is that when I charge through the enemies I get warped back into the same place I began using it. Every time I use my secondary skill tempest rush when I'm fighting elite groups... the moment I release on the right mouse button it warps me back to the start of where I used it which ends up killing me of course after trying to escape elite mobs, burning fires, poison, and lasers.

If anyone is having this issue or can provide me with some help/fix I would appreciate it.
It's a common issue. Really there is no way to "fix it" at this time. Search Tempest Rush Rubberbanding for more info. Main suggestion for the moment is to not rely on escaping the fray as much as getting the fray away from you. Use Lashing Tail Kick or Wave of Light to move your enemies instead, possibly even Serenity or Blinding Flash if you can work around cooldowns.

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