PC Amulet - Armor, Crit Dmg, life %, MF:

Anyone have an idea what this could be worth?

38 arcane resist
+9% life
+345 armor
crit hit dmg increased by 46%
38% better chance of finding magical items
Thats a lvl 60? Its worth nothing.
I'd give a couple hundred k for it as a mf switch on right before the kill, but the only stats that are worth anything are the life % and mf. I seriously doubt anyone would actually wear that.
Argy, that's what I was afraid of, but is the high armor not valuable? (Not sure anyone actually runs MF/Survivability in HC.

Item is similar to :Spirit of Adventure (Set Item)
If you have a reasonable price in mind I might negotiate an offer for it.
its worth a lot more than people in this thread will have you believe. that is very high mf.

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