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Lore and Story
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I wanted to respond to LilHellraisr’s post immediately, but, it was a little confusing. Is he agreeing with the OP that ‘Less Story is More…” or not? If he agrees with the OP, which I do too, then why is he criticizing my position? Is he criticizing my position? And, if he agrees with the OP that “less story is more…” then why is he putting forward the very sentiments that game-developers are trying to appeal to, appease, with their ever increasing intrusive Stories???

His post starts by accusing me of making a “False dichotomy.” Now, there’s a fancy piece of rhetoric. It establishes the sovereignty of story, by accusing me of trying to separate it from its natural habitat, the video game. Then he cites the most famous video game of them all, Pac-Man, and points out that it has NO STORY.
If Pac-Man has no story, and Pac-Man is a video game then … Story is NOT native to the video game. And that is NO false dichotomy.

Video games don't have to be straight up "blamblamsmashsmashOOo!lookattheshinypants!" There can be a good story
If story became increasingly important in the video game then it was because of such sentiments expressed by LilHellraisr. People who buy video games (note: I did not say ‘gamers’) devalue the mechanics and objectives of video games and insist that the developers give them more and more story. Even insisting that the developers make them care about the characters, the world, etc.
After all, if I'm not killing Diablo and his endless hordes of demon spawn to save a world and the people that inhabit it because I have been led to care about them, then I'm just accessorizing my cute little digital barbie dolls.

In any other game, emphasis on the word “game”, if anyone expressed such ideas the other gamers would simply walk away from them. Can you imagine: The game of golf doesn’t have to be a straightup teewhackputholescoreanunderpar, there can be a good story ….
Golfers would just walk away.

Or how about: If you guys can’t make me care, I mean really care about putting that ball in that cup, then all I’m really doing is walking around carrying a club and playing dressup with my pretty little shoes.
Golfers would just walk away.

A kind golfer might say: If golf isn’t something you enjoy, go find something else to do, not everyone can get excited about being 1 under par.

The question is, why are sentiments that completely devalue the objectives and mechanics of video games tolerated, accepted and even catered to??? No other game would tolerate its objectives and mechanics being constantly devalued.

If going from ‘+1 Dexterity pants’ to ‘+1.5 dexterity pants’ isn’t meaningful for you, than maybe you should find something else to do???

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