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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Smite a new Moba developed by Hi-Rez Studios is currently in closed beta and I am here to share information and invite anybody interested to the ongoing beta. To do so I am creating this small FAQ.

What is Smite?

Smite is a third person wasd-controlled Moba. The catch is the change of perspective compared to regular mobas. The third person view allows to enjoy the experience in a different way and creates a special play style focusing on Skill Shots.

Skill Shots?

Yes every auto attack and almost every ability has to be properly aimed and released, many of them having flight times. This creates a higher skill play than having auto aiming abilities.

How does that work out? Any vids?!

It works just great, after getting used to it, you can have tons of fun. Here the official smite videos:

Okay, but how do I get to play Smite?

This is easy, every beta tester has a Refer a Friend button in the game, means anybody already playing can invite ALL friends, if those choose to play of course.

But I do not know anyone playing, how can I get an invite?

Simple, I created an email-address with the sole purpose of providing smite keys:

I do not encourage posting private emails in public forums as this, but if you really wish to you can simply leave an address in this thread or message me at the address above. I do know that there are others giving out keys and I support anybody increasing the amount of players for Smite.

How do I register a key?

That is simple! Go to and create an account. I recommend downloading and installing the client there and registering/ entering the key from the ingame interface as it seems to behave more reliable.

I will post up questions and answers as they pop up.


I been playing this last 2 days and it's a beast game. Craps all over LoL.
I'll give out beta keys if anyone needs to. Just add me on D3 and tell me your e-mail.

btw +1 good post OP
So i'm looking for a beta key a long time :p, my e-mail is if anyone could send me one :)
Alright I answered every email I got so far, and will now also invite Ayriel. Also edited the post now, didnt see the format got broken. Using a template on several forums.
hey guys... can you guys send a key to me? I rly want to play it!

Ayriel told me about it!
On it Eduvalentine.
Been reading a lot into this game and game like it, just made an account. Toss me a key email is
Just sent the key EoN!
07/26/2012 06:02 AMPosted by Vindico
Just sent the key EoN!

Cool, thanks I will probably play the hell out of it.
If you ever run out of keys I believe I have 5 left to hand out. =D love that game in game name is conhole. enjoy
hey guys,can you send a key to me? I rly want to play it... but no one send me a key :( maybe this time !

My email :
Just got home and starting with the invites, including yours Whitebeard!
Please send one to
All right I'll bite :) Looks fun. Please send to :3 Thanks!
Sent and Sent! Enjoy the game.
I would love a beta key :)
I have no clue how u get a key somebody help?

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