Barb god-like exploit

Bug Report
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Now that the Wizard god mode has been released, it is time to release the barb god mode.


Wish I had a barb to test this! Can any1 confirm? Or am I being trolled? :(
Fact or Faked? Can someone confirm this?

You be trollin?
Monk godmode:
LMAO! Good job blizzard people can break your game with bread crumbs.
WD godmode:

07/23/2012 10:32 PMPosted by OneUpper

lol fail
07/23/2012 10:33 PMPosted by MDuh

lol fail

try again!
This is just trolling
Instead of auto-disclaiming it, why don't you go try?

Blizz failed with Wizards, why can't they fail with barbs?
Dudes why are you telling this here? Are you stupid. Just go and farm as much as you can... with 1000% MF. Do you want Blizz to fix it also...
wow works :0 !!!!!!!!!

Is there a quick way to get to this location in a3 or do you have to descend all the way down there?

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