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I really enjoyed BL1. My main complaint was the level creep that caused the characters that played the DLC to become far too "skilled". You really didn't have any restrictions as to what build you chose. Too many skill points. There was an over all feel of "monty haulism" through out the entire game, until you hit the end and then it was killer. Better balance there would have helped out a bunch.
Borderlands 2 doesn't require you to be always connected to something, so who gives 2 craps if there is an RMAH, it's a single player game, who are you competing with?

I've pre-ordered 3 copies of BL2, and can't wait until Sept, i've been antsy about this game since it's announcement.

As far as the DLC out leveling issue is concerned, I found that if you did:
Default game Playthrough 1
Default game Playthrough 2
Zombies playthrough 2
Noxx playthrough 2
claptrap playthrough 2

things stayed pretty challenging, i was the only one in my family that enjoyed Madd Moxie's, but i donly did that on my "non-family night" characters
I got in on a 4pk buy, got it for $40 and replaying the 1st game and all DLC to refresh myself with the series.
playing it again right now myself, pre ordered, great game

as I logged off for today I couldn't help but feel that so many more things about the game just made better sense than d3, primarily the loot, skill system, and the death penalty
anyone else enjoyed farming the armory bug? :P

best looting experience ever

lol , yes.
it was harder to pull off on PC, if i remember correctly

just like the crawmerax bug didnt' exist on pc
On xbox, for craw, you could drop off the ledge, and get caught on an invisible ledge, then you could kill him without any threat

maybe i'm just dumb, and didn't do the armory thing right, by the time I was looking to farm it I already had 2-3 pearl's and was grossly powerful on my soldier
07/27/2012 07:00 AMPosted by Blazur
Just looked into BL2 and it seems like the classes are nearly the same as before. That could be a big negative to keep me away from the game. They were already kind of lame in the first one, and if they didn't improve or innovate in the sequel then that's just a bummer.

you didn't look very hard
in the trailers alone you can see there are far more talents than were available in the first

and while Maya is a Siren, as was Lillith, one got phase walk, one gets a crowd control effect that you can use to damage other enemies or heal party members.

I thought the classes were very cool in the first one, anyone ever build an "all explosive" Brick?
yeah phase walking was a blast, I used it as an offensive ability while my wife used it as a defensive ability.
But I love my soldier, the turret is awesome, and Axton will be able to summon 2, and mount them to walls or over heads, going to be awesome! :P

07/27/2012 07:14 AMPosted by Bazinga
sniper/revolvers for life :P

no way!
Shotguns and Combat Rifles!
biggest downfall in both borderlands will be the specific sex characters.

Idc if noone else cares.. but I don't pick a class I plan on dumping hours into and playing online with others that is the opposite sex of me.

feel like im in a chatroom masquerading as a female.

which I do understand that many many many of you enjoy doing. I checked

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