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can anyone tell me the locations of the eternal war event in campaign 1 and the gaurdian spirit event in campaign 2?
eternal was is in nephalem forest area.
Eternal War: Go to Festering woods in A1, look for the small hill type area, with steps leading up to it on both sides. There will be crumbling bones on the steps, and a stone at the top which you can activate. That will spawn the "Eternal War" event, where you will fight a few ghouls, a few ghosts and an elite Nephalem Hero pack in the end.

Guardian Spirits: Go to Stinging Winds in A2, and look for Mehtan the Necromancer (he'll usually be in the center of the map). Talking to him will trigger the "Guardian Spirits" event.

Both events have a random chance of occurring, so you might have to restart a few times to get them to spawn.

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