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EDIT:latest updates here: still good info on this page so please look it over

Ok this is my fav build I have been fine tuning for the last couple of months. If you can't kill an Elite mob why not have them kill themselves :) My battletag is Everdeath#1722 if you would like to get more info or see it in action. Also I hope to have a video soon but not sure when it will be up. Thanks again : ) Here is the build:!YZf!cYccYZ

Here is how it works. First you want to hit warcry and battle rage then sprint and circle the enemies to get the fury building nonstop. Once you got that going steady pop Wotb and distance yourself while still circling the mob poping tornadoes nonstop. This is where you start wep throw spamming. It will fill your fury as well with each crit as does the tornadoes. All proc the LoH and fury gen nonstop so you have full hp and fury at all times. Throw in the WotB and you can stay buffed as long as there is a good group of mobs around.
One last thing about this build is alot of the times when you wep throw the mobs will kill each other and it is usually 1 shotters :D

The gear I use is 2 axes with 850+ LoH and all gear has crit chance and IAS.
I have 2k+LoH 2.06 APS AR 450-750(depends on buffs and situation) 5k+ Armor( Don't need much cuz I don't get hit but when I do it just fills up instantly) and my crit chance is 62.3.
Now you don't need nowhere near this. mainly focus on the crit chance and allres. Also movement speed helps but it is very little. The best place to find allres main stat and vit gear is in act 3/4 hell. and for the rest act 1/2 inf though mainly act1 inf and 3/4 hell. I have 400+hrs of pure barb alone so I know a little bit on it.

Doesn't seem like great gear but I can rofl stomp any packs,even multiples with no effort at all. If you can't get the LoH go with Revenge. It also has a crit chance buff thats way better than overpowers. There will be a new build coming soon. I haven't perfected it yet but an idea of its capability is really cool. Basically You get healed for getting hit and it kills the enemies for you while they just hit you and full health while they 1 shot themselves : )

Well I hope this helped you out any. Also If you need further help or would just like to see other builds that I made hit me up in game or on here. I am around everyday,though it is sometimes hard to catch me I will get back to you so just have a little patience. Thank you
Where does the necro part come in? Didn't see anything about raising dead and what not...
07/26/2012 01:15 AMPosted by UnsentSoul
Where does the necro part come in? Didn't see anything about raising dead and what not...

Perhaps he's gonna wait a month and then necro the thread?
yea you dont actually raise the dead. you just confuse them with wep throw so it has that minion feel as they fight for you when they are confused : ). give it a try I think you will be very impressed with the results for the "bang for your Buck" oh and it sounds kinda kool ;P
You can confuse quite a few minions at once BTW. just a sidenote
Wouldn't Ancient Spear be better to build up resources?
@ ^ I have tried it and it is a good skill. but it just didn't fit my gameplay style. However you can modify it and intergrate it to fit you style of play quite easily if you wanted. I would love to see a version like that if you have that time to build it then please share with us so we can see it in action. Be sure to share the strategy of the way you use it. I am always looking for new and exciting builds. Another reason I didnt use it was it took away the confuse to give that semi necrobarb feel of the build. Thanks again for the imput.
I've seen a pure throw build that uses a fat 2hander and ancient spear to build up. It relies heavily on crit chance to work. So I guess a hammer or a mace are in order.

Aren't you far too squishy to go anywhere near melee to build up? Or do you only use the throw to confuse monsters? Does it even work on elites? It's fairly intriguing.
Yes I rely on crits. the tornados keep my fury full and the wep throw confuses the mobs and also fills my fury due to the battle rage fury build. since I crit nonstop my hp and fury is full and I can distance my self and spam wep throw and convert the mobs to kill themselves. Thus the name of the build. Gives that "necro revive" feel and in most cases they 1 shot themselves. The low armor is countered by constant WotB with the sprint and battle rage so I dont get hit but when I do its instantly full hp and fury at all times. Now if I was stuck then I would die but you learn to use that after you become used to the strat of the build.
Edit: I use duel axes if your wondering. The DPS should be around 600 or more. As far as elites I think it does but everything dies so fast I haven't got to confirm. I will check it out or if anyone has info on this please do add.

Edit2: You could also use a sheild with good rolls and a min of 21%blk as long as you don't lose toomuch HP and DPS under a thousand each but not ever any more than that as the WotB also helps with a healthy dodge boost.
07/26/2012 01:27 AMPosted by bfandreas
Wouldn't Ancient Spear be better to build up resources?

He's gaining 29 fury on a crit hit already, and keeping WotB up a bit longer, plus tornadoes in their way. I doubt this build has resource issues. I'm gonna try it when I get home tonight from work. Really cool build idea.
Haven't test it but it seems to be a very good build!
Wouldn't Ancient Spear be better to build up resources?

He's gaining 29 fury on a crit hit already, and keeping WotB up a bit longer, plus tornadoes in their way. I doubt this build has resource issues. I'm gonna try it when I get home tonight from work. Really cool build idea.

yes your fury is always full as well as the health. Another cool thing is your WotB is up nonstop as long as you got a group of monsters to feed from your tornados or a wep throw. you are getting the Idea right on. Glad to see you picked it up with my awesome typeing skills :P. anyways Enjoy the new build and thanks for the compliment. : )

With 2K+ Life on Hit, you can almost do whatever build you want in this game. Especially in the early Acts. Getting 2K+ LoH while also having the very high crit required for this build is going to cost a fortune right now.

My average was 3 mil on weps. the main stat crit vit allres and socket gear was all found in 3 act3/4 hell runs and act1 inf for 8 hrs. found yesturday and topped it off this morning trying to get a better wep or 2 with 700+ LoH and socket w/ str and vit. Lag is always a death sentence as we all know now : P

As for the WW it works good but it has a flaw in if you WW into the mob and get "stuck" your dead. Plus WWTT is very high to gear whereas this is cheap When your feed them the tornadoes and crit nonstop with a good range of wep throw you don't need to worry about dieing cuz they never are close enough to hit you NTM they drop so fast with your ranged attk and 2k LoH. It really gives the poor barb a chance to own like the WWTT but at a fraction of the cost. After all you don't need a 1200dps wep. mine are around 700 each with str vit 100+ and 859-900 LoH each. the rest can be found in hell acts 3/4 and inf act 1. Just mid grade weps with LoH and allres gear with sockets if possible but only needed if your main stats on the gear are lower than 100+ or so.
The nearly 2 months of build perfection without needing billions to roflstomp INF. Enjoy all and thumbs up if you like also any suggestions are always welcome as I am always fond of seeing new and creative builds. Thanks and GL N HF
07/26/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Riley
With neither defensive passives or shield in Act 3, you are probably going to die every time you have lag, every time you make a mistake, get CC'd - basically any brief second that you aren't using those 2k LoH weapons, you're dead in A3. Some people don't mind that...

Yea act 3 is tough. The key is to never stop moving while you spam your sprint and while you have a very small gap hit your wep throw then go back to the sprint. Takes time but is doable mainly because the enemies will attack themselves with a little luck you can stay a step ahead. Not as easy as it sounds but will continue to refine the strat.

Overall good job for making something reasonably viable & fun that isn't totally cookie cutter. Unfortunately people who haven't been gearing up since release probably won't be able to afford the gear required to even try it.

First off thank you. There is a way to balance gear in the early acts of INF but after act 2 it does get a good increase in staying on your toes so to speak. you can do a full inf clear with this build but when it comes to small groups it is way harder than when you get a large group which makes it easier to maintain the full hp/fury. But becareful cuz if you slip up and get flanked there isn't much to do but die and very fast. The best way to counter this is to group them and circle but stay on the outter area forcing them to chase while you wep throw and hope you can convert enough of them to thin out the masses. It buys you time and NEVER stop moving cuz when you do your dead. However with the confuse most mobs just 1 shot themselves so you can clear them out fairly quickly. act 4 is cakewalk compared to act 3. so keep that in mind if your using this build that the stairs and other tight spots help you there. outside of act 3 always try to avoid the tight spots though.
Video coming soon. I hope to have it done later today. I would also like to get 3 others to play with aswell in the future. They will be picked by skill and originality. I now have Fraps so I will have the vids soon. Thank you for your patience, Everdeath

I am having problems getting my vids longer than 29 seconds? Man I really wanna show this build off. Please someone use it and link my a vid with similar gear. I bet you can down 6 mobs at 1 time in like 2 min or less!
07/27/2012 11:26 AMPosted by doctaphilly
tag--As a double tornado user, it's nice to see something for a change that isn't DT

Thanks I have another build I just finished too. I am gathering them on the same page so it will be easy to find. I am glad you like it. It took nearly 2 months of trial and death : ) to get just right. If you are interested there are also alternates for this build for use in ech specific act as paired. Thanks again for your support.
for help or ?s my battletag : Everdeath#1722
how do u deal with wallers/ getting stuck
this is a great build. can't wait to try it out - though i'll probs need to invest in some better gear. have a mace and mighty wep that both have 750+ LoH so i might try that.

does attack speed matter that much? i'm at about total IAS 21% increease at the moment. still viable? well, will only be doing this in a1 or 2 for now so should be alrighty.

used to be cookie cutter SnB and now working on WW so looking for some diff builds for a change. this is pretty cool and sounds fun. looks like it'll get some practicing though.

where can i find your vids byy the way? just to see it in action!
am not on as much now, but will try to add you when i can. : )) thanks for sharing and all best.

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