If You Need Help With Your Barb, Look Here

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If you need help gearing your barb for end game I can help you. I have built around 20 gear sets for others so far from 800k sets to 100mill. The cheapest set I have built cost me 663k gold and I was able to farm act 3 pretty easily. I have spent 100s upon millions in gear and have made the mistakes just like you in the beggining so it will save you the stress and wasting your time and money. I have tried many builds and know what works and what doesnt work.

Add me in game..
DoeBoY probably also charges a premium for his services - capitalism FTW
It's free and he's a great help. Vouched.
Thanks, ive made 2 gear sets today one was 2.5mill the other was 2mill the guy I made the 2mill set for was so happy with it he gave me an extra 200k thats all I made from both builds. I do not do this to make gold I allready have gold. I do it to help people thats all.
sent a freind request i need a gear set for my barb for around a mil
This guy really knows his stuff and helped me make a really good set. Thanks so much for your help DoeBoy, I don't know how I could repay you :D
farming act 3 easily with 600k gear set.. is that a slight exaggeration?
No problem glad to help, the 600k set I made took some very smart buys on the Ah As long as my WOTB was up I could kill any elite pack pretty quickly with around 30k dps.... I didnt say I didnt die much But as far as doing 5 stacks entire run I managed to clear act 3 in about an hour and a half. I recommend atleast 5-8 mill to comfortably farm with low death amounts. But if you know exactly what to buy and focus on your DPS and main 2 resistances physical and fire you can pretty much farm anything also manage your cooldowns well. I am working on an even cheaper build clear Im gonna try to farm act 3 with 450k. I really wish I had the resources to stream. I paid for a twitch.tv account but my computer and internet is just way to slow to manage good quality streams.
what weapon can u buy with that 600k with set?
Humm, DoeBoy real?
I wouldn't mind asking for some advice.
you on US server? Time on usually?
Like the above poster asked, what time are you on usually? I'm a tank barb who recently cleared A3 on inferno a few days ago, although I can't do it solo. Phase beasts and cleavers tear me apart. I'm wondering if you can help me build a set that makes A3 farmable. I'll probably set a budget to 1m. I can probably disregard weapons.
I'd be interested to see the advice. I have been torn between what build to use, thus making it hard to decide what gear to buy. I have a budget of 200mil~ roughly give or take a bit.

Flawpy#6106 is my btag, ill add you when i get back from work in about 6 hours.

No problem and thanks im glad I could help.

The 600k set weapon was a 800k blue mace with 90% natural crit dmg cost around 40k

Im at work now. I usually am online from 4pm -9pm central time zone
i will be up late on the weekends.

200mill would be a super nice build. My current gear cost me around 150mill and I farm act 3 in about 45 minutes with hardy any deaths at 60k dps.
sweet. I'm not really interested in that sprint/tornado build though..
If you are for real then your services sound amazing. As a semi casual gamer with a full time job I just don't have the time search the AH for the good deals. This means I end up with my barb stuck in Act 1 Inferno cuz progressing further isn't worth the frustration. However, if you can help with the gear part that would give me the window of time I need to work on my skills in game.

If you don't mind, can you share how you go through this process? In other words, do you take the budget someone specifies, go out and buy all the gear with your own gold and then set up a trade once you have it all? Do you meet with person in game first to see what gear they currently have so you know the holes that need filling? Also, do you need people to specify builds so you can buy more efficiently - i.e. S&B vs. Double Nados?

If you are in fact for real then many thanks for helping the community in such a productive way and proving that these forums can actually be useful every once in a while.
Yesterday I did 3 builds 1 was 2.5 mill, another 2mill were both regular frenzy, wrath of the berserker builds. I also did a 10 mill double tornado build. I can build your guy whichever way youd like. Im very knowledged on all the different types of barb builds, I have tried them all made many mistakes in the process. My main build is the frenzy Wotb but I occasionaly use the double tornado just to change up when I get bored. Both builds are viable and have their own unique playstyles, pros and cons.
Man, I need your help..will add u later.

I´m trying a 2H and I also have a DW weapons and sometimes I use my board with mace.

And when I have the 2h, my dps buffed is 50k and 128k with WotB. DW I have 40k buffed and 100k WotB and with Board 32kbuffed and around 85k WotB, but my resists are 800-1000 and I die a lot. I think that I´m missing something... last night I managed to get to the siegebreaker quest(the first bridge part), but till now ... I´ve spent more than 500k gold in repairs to get here. Now I don´t have much money, around 2 millions and I´m saving for repair bills.

Dont know what else to do... I even have some items to sell that I´m pretty sure they are worth some stuff, but they don´t sell at the AH(probally because I don´t know how to sell them).

This is my build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WSiXkP!YZb!acaacZ

If you don´t mind I will add u.

Interesting... I have a 957 dps 1h mace with +120str or something. I was planning on using it when i hit 60. Would you think that its ok for A3 eventually and how much would I have to spend on the rest of the gear. I have about 6M but Id like to spend max 4.

If you have any ideas or would be willing to help in game I would appreciate it. Im currently lvl 52 but should hit 60 by the weekend. Thanks!

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