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Azmodan is the Lord of Sin. Presumably, he is in command of seven lieutenants, one for each of the deadly sins. Although we only see the incarnates of Gluttony (Ghom) and Lust (Cydea), it is very possible that at least one of Azmodan's other lieutenants will appear in the expansion (the other five being Envy, Wrath, Pride, Greed, and Sloth). Today, frustrated at the servers being down, I switched to a European server. Because of this, I had to start a new character, also resetting all of my lore. About ten minutes in I killed a treasure goblin and noticed an interesting tidbit in his lore

The peasantry seem to believe that the goblins serve a great demon lord known as Greed and furthermore, that their portals lead to Greed's domain!

My first run through the game I thought nothing of this, but after playing through act 3 I became curious. The seven Lords of Hell are dead now, the only other loose ends that I can think of are Adria, Shen and Dirgest's Jewel, the followers' side stories, and Leah's salvation. Your thoughts people?
I think it is pretty obvious that this Greed is one of Azmodan's lieutenants. Hes a major candidate for the expansion/s.
Eh, I'm not exactly sure what's going to be in the expansion packs, but I doubt that it will be the other Sin Lords, as they're now too smalltime for our heroes. However, Blizzard has said that they plan to make other games set in Sanctuary, so perhaps we will get to see all 7 Sin Lords in those games.
I know this isn't official lore, but I came up with a conspiracy theory about the treasure goblins and Lord Greed.

In some huge battle for Sanctuary, possibly during the Sin War, Lord Greed was gravely injured by an angel (maybe Tyrael, maybe Imperious, haven't really thought about that part yet). The Treasure Goblins (and why not make them servants of Greed?) are out there to collect as much gold as possible to help Lord Greed recover (for it'd be pretty obvious that he'd draw power from an object that would be a symbol of human greed)

Part 2: Maybe the Gold that the Treasure Goblins are collecting are actually pieces of Lord Greed that have been scattered by the angel that injured him and only by sending out his servants to collect the pieces, can Lord Greed gain back his strength.

good idea? no?
lol lord greed better be in expansions!
When I first heard this thing about portals to Greed's domain, I was almost certain someone was going to come up with some elaborate practical joke on how to go through goblin portals.

I think you are right that Greed and the remaining "new lords of hell" being major parts of the continuing story of Diablo. I don't think Greed will be pivotal to any story, though it's possible. Wrath seems more likely to be a "leading" lord of hell at this point. Greed seems like a more subtle character, out of the limelight, who perhaps has strong influence that isn't apparent.

Seeing Greed's realm does sound like it would be a very pleasant treat, but ultimately feels like a side-story to me.
What if Greed's realm was a timed dungeon like Crumbling Vault? A section of hell filled with gold and random blues, with Greed at the end. Get to the end and kill greed in time and you get a pool of yellows and a really good chance at a legendary or set item. The dungeon would be an incredibly rare spawn (maybe it has a 1% chance to spawn when we kill the Expansion boss or something like that?) so that botters could not farm it too hard (since blizzard likes killing farming locations). A nice boost for our pocketbooks and stashes we could see once and a while.

Maybe instead of the loot laying on the ground, the realm is full of modified treasure goblins that fight back instead of run and give the same result?

Greed as a major boss seems unlikely, i like him as a side story better. As far as the other lieutenants, anything is possible .
For Covetous Shen, I will fight Greed for the ownership of the Dirgest.
they might appear as minor bosses (just like Ghom and Cydea). there's still room for the lords of hell, the black soulstone fell from heaven with diablo's body and disappeared, the demons inside will likely scape without Leah's power to contain them. if I were to bet in the content of the expansion it would be:

- Adria (obvious)
- Imperius and Wrath (the prophecy of the end of times mentions both)
- the separated Lords of Hell

I'd also like to see Malthael, he seems extremely important, only appeared in a side note until now.
what if Shen is the lord of greed and the jewel his is looking for contains his power kind of like the souls stones do?

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