service closed

gonna try progressing :] thanks for making it possible!
got more gf gear :]
HEY!!! this sounds familiar! :D
yup, safest way to make money at 60. too poor to continue in inferno, so.
back online for 1-2 hours!
starting again in 10 mins, 2 spots open. running for an hour or so. haven't lost anyone yet. :)
doing more runs, come join!
:x i'd do this but my barb is only 9, shame. :(
I did do ZK runs for a while, but they're super boring. xD I can get you from 1-25 for 350k. free diablo kill after. meanwhile gonna run more craters, starting in 10 mins!
How much for 1-50?
1.5mil, if there's 2 people running then 1.2mil. 3 people, 1mil each. anyway, done for the day! someone got really lucky and made well over 5 mil from item drops. xD
upped my gf sliiightly, doing nm crater runs right now!
sorry full party! maybe later, thanks for the interest.
1 spot open! changed pricing to be based on time spent since that's easier to keep track of.
doing zk runs now, 1 slot free

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