Inferno Monk + Gear Guide 1.0.3 (Act 4 Clear)

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm new to monk community, back then I pretty much spent my time in demon hunter community that always looking for improvement but since I was bored of the mechanic after kill Diablo 3 post patch (I save Diablo until 1.0.3 because I don't want to kill him the same way like the rest of the bosses), I decide to make a monk and just give all my demon hunter item to my monk which not really compatible at all due to lack of LoH, resistance and stats wise.

With that problem, I realize I was in the same spot with all fellow Monk users that struggle to farm Act 3 and 4 but can't penetrate that brick wall of stats/mechanic requirement. I reach 60 a month ago and roflstomping Act 1 like usual and just instaskip the rest of the act until Zolten Kulle and this is where I play all the stats, skill and improving how I play a monk.

Stats :
Items :
Skills :!ZUX!acbbYc
Total Cost : I believe total cost < 10M including progression gear because I'm not a farmer and never play AH.

I. Play the game patiently
I don't need to play my monk that fast because I play my demon hunter like I want it to be, I progress from each act by solo, I want to kill it all by solo then play it with friend to know how the difficulty scaled except post patch 1.0.2 from keep depths until azmodan where I really need to play multiplayer because, you know hellflayer, hulking phasebeast and soul lasher. Other than those quest, I solo the rest.

Using that background, I'm farming Act 1 and 2 consistently and sometimes I set my own achievement like speed run to see how well my gear, my playstyle, and how many gold that I get within that time. It's important to know that because you don't want to get burn out of farming the same act over and over again and get the same result without any other intention.

I give you an example. I used a same method like other people to start from festering woods - cemetery - leoric manor - then proceed to kill warden and butcher.
I realize that killing warden and butcher is tedious, boring, and I can't predict how many elites ahead so I re-design it. No I didn't double it like Jay Wilson style.

For Act 1 The best way for me is :
Festering woods - Cemetery of forsaken , clear wheeping hollow (by sweeping the outer side) - Leoric Manor - Southern highland (Cave of the Moon Clan ALWAYS SPAWN) - Northern Highland.

At least you got 15 elites from that run within 25 minutes, skip enemy that wander around before 5 NV or if you want to kill them, stack them as many as you want to save our precious time. Remember gold drop increase with NV stacks, so you want to go to the most crowded place with 5 NV stacks which produces more gold income, in this case Wheeping Hollow and the Highlands.

In cemetery you would just need to pick 2 crypt because the last crypt will have 2nd floor and IMO I rarely find elite in there so don't waste your time. In Wheeping Hollow just sweep the outer line because elite usually stands near the outside of perimeter. Gold drop in here is good if you want to farm it.

For Northern highland and southern highland, you will mostly look for 2 elite per map, it's rare occasion for those places have more than 2 per map. You get additional elite within Watch tower and Cave anyway so do not wander around too long.

Total elite kills (at least) : 2 from crypts + 3 from wheeping hollows + 2 from festering + 1 from leoric manor + 5 from southern highland and cave + 2 in Northern Highland = 15. 25 mins for 15 elite kills = almost 1.4 elite per mins.

Using method above, it takes 25 mins with full clear and taking any gold that I can, 1 get 65k gold (usually), tons of blues and yellow that probably worth for 40k or more depends on AH, I sell things 10k rather than give it to NPC and it works well, don't be greedy in this state.

For Act 2 all you need is Vault of the assassin and Cave of the bertrayer, set your speed run because it's important since Elite Mob in here is quite easy EXCEPT : Blazing Guardian and Vicious Magewrath, we'll talk about these insane mob later about how to deal with them.

Why 2 of it?Personally if you still struggling within vault of the assassin, you should try cave of the bertrayer first. A little tips that I can give to you when farm this cave, all enemy in here is MELEE. That way, I'm using Mantra of Retribution, Transgression. Once you're familiar with this cave, you can go to vault of the assassin and probably want to swap Mantra to Evasion or time of need depending on what you need to balance.

Those 2 caves are really easy to predict and after a while you will know where elite will spawn and know how to encounter since you already encounter it thousand times and know which route you would pick, utilize the map like Vicious Magewrath will never be able to pass a little bridge in Vault of the assassin. It really helps because sometimes you will double pull elite pack in there.

We already know where and how to farm gold an gear, now let's look at the stats.

II. How to gear our monk?
We already know where we need to farm and learn the mechanic. Playing a monk or any melee in here is simple, know when to burst and run. There will be no gear that can withstand hard counter melee like knockback nightmarish molten, so you just need to know when you have to unleash your best utility.

And to do that, we need our gear. Most people complain about how ridiculous gear at high end one. I tell you, I'm not the people that play AH every time I login. My gold never past 3M. The most expensive gear I have until now was a Pants which is 1.75M (to be honest I was a little doubt when getting that). There are some couple tricks and tips to gear our monk.

In farm mode, we want to use dual wield, but when dual wield fails, you need to have your shield ready because what we want is killing that damn elite and changing gear won't drop NV and it's fine to use guardian path when you wear shield for that pack, it doesn't really matter that much, you can use dual wield again after that pack.
So what you need is :
- Shield , at least dread shield/sacred shield : 20% block chance more is recommended, it's minimum requirement IMO.
When looking in AH, search by, your pref resistance > 45, crit chance (At least 6.5%), and dexterity. Once that sorted, just get the shield with the highest armor. Those 3 stats + vitality and you'll be fine. (Mine : 550k)

- Weapon : At least 760 DPS weapon, have dexterity, ASPD yes attack speed i'm not kidding, and a sockets. If you're lucky you'll find one like mine, 192 LOH with socket, so get a gem 300 LOH and you're done.
Why not crit damage affix?We need fast ASPD to generate spirit, more LOH (yes we will play LOH like others) and it's cheaper because we don't want to spent too much money on weapon. Crit damage and LOH affixes is overrated in AH atm, avoid that if you have low budget.
IMPORTANT : just look at DAGGER, FIST WEAPON, and SWORD. Ignore the rest because of slow ASPD. (Mine : 990k)

-Boots : Look for sage seekers, it takes some time but it's worth it. Armor, all resistance+your rest > 80, high dexterity, some vitality, movement speed. What else?
Shortcut way : When look to AH just fill : your resistance, movement speed, dexterity. Type Movement speed to 12% because sage seekers will always 12% as far as I know. Then the one you want will showed up, remember take the one with higehst dex and vit and all res/your res. (mine 650k)

-Belt : At least 80 dex, 80 vit, all res/your res > 80. Belt is generally cheaper than the rest of the gear. String of ear is overrated and I'm too tired to look for it.
When looking in AH, just type your resistance/vit/dex in search box rather than all resistance because you want to know which gear give the highest resistance before all resistance applied. (Mine 300k)

-Chest : At least 100 dex, get at least 40 vit, your res+all res > 80. Same way when looking for AH, look for your res first to filter unwanted gear with low resist because most high element resistance will be accompanied by high all resist (this is what we really want to look in terms of money). (Mine 1.25M)

-Pants : At least 100 dex, at least 40 vit, your res+all res > 80. (Mine : 1.75M)

OR get your chest with high stamina but low dex with the same resist and get your pants with High dex and low stamina. Credits to someone in other monk guide I forget the name..

This trick is good if you are on low budget because these 2 gears have ridiculous prices (stats can go up to 200+) and you will have hard time to choose which one is the best, you get armor but you don't have regen on it, you have high dex and high vit but no all res in that gear, well just look for the basic one if you can't get the best one.

-Shoulders : dex vit > 80, all resis+your resist > 90. Also the one that I don't really like when looking for AH. There will always shoulder with high str vit and good resist but it's rare to find high dex high vit with good resists. So I just pick the highest resist that I want and keep dex at least 80ish. More than that, prepare for more budget. (Mine 1.2M)

-Gloves : high dex > 130. some vit at least 40 or 50. your resist. Try to get crit chance 5 or 6% and ASPD.
When looking for AH, fill dexterity, resistance, and crit chance. The other affix will easily comes in search result. (550k)

-Bracers : dex and vit around 80. Crit chance 4.5%, more than that price jump is too big. Same way when looking for AH, dex, your resistance, crit chance. You need to get the one with vit. (Mine 450k)

-Ring : ASPD in one, LOH on the others. At least 100 dex in each ring and 40 your resistance. I get one on 300k, the others at 250k. It's cheaper because we don't want vit in there and all resist, we just need high dex, your resist, and LOH and get ASPD affix on the other one, that way we don't pay too much for the affix we needed. (Both ring = 700k)

-Amulet : Sorry to say this but I get this amulet when My DH progressed to kill Izual for the first time, I get the amulet with my 5 NV and probably this will worth for tons of million. But to reduce the price, get high dex>100, high loh>400, and your resistance at least 30. (Mine : Drop)

-Head : this is hard because I'm too greedy on this.I want armor, I want crit chance, I want my resist, I want dex and I want vit. I pay this one 450k if I remember correctly. Socket is overrated IMO but if you can find one cheap get it. (450k)

Now to sums up, you'll look the pattern.
You only need to get All resistance+Your resistance in : Chest, Pants, Shoulder, Belt. That's it, because in other gear you need to focus on offensive stats like crit, aspd or crit on damage.
4 of them with at least 90 resist means 360.
If you wear shield, bracer, gloves, helm, amulet and 2 rings with average 40-50 then it's approx 280-350 which will net you about 640 to 710 resists. That's the lowest one you can go, more than that You're golden. Try Mantra of Evasion First, if you think you have hard time, switch to time of need, dropping 15% dodge before multiplicative is not really matter at this stage even though based on, EHP values of dodge is high enough, I prefer resist rather than a couple % chance to dodge.

Now what you need to look is damage, at least 20k damage in 1H+shield and more than 26k in dual wield with 1k LOH at least and try to reach 2 ASPD in dual wield. Once you reach that, look for health and armor, you can't deal any damage if you dead or just keep running and running. At least 30k health with 5k armor.
III. How to Deal with elite pack?
First off let's write a list about dangerous mob in Diablo 3 in each act.
Act I : The one that carry heavy maces, yes in Act I you will still get killed if you try to tank this. The other big guy that can knockback us, forget the name and Savage Beast, watch out if you try to play a matador el-toro game.

Act II : Famous Wasp, any mob that can explode into poison, Vicious Magewrath, Blazing Guardian, The one that like Kulle guardian, mob that can scream AOE in the oasis. No snake?Snake is easy for us IMO and they tend to act stupid by casting lightning aoe which can be countered by our LOH.

Act III : Hellflayer, Gorgor, demonic tremor, the one that can enraged causing their head to red, any ranged mob that like to run away spearman, succubus, the fat man throwing fireball, and of course the mighty hulking phasebeast (Why the hell they exists in this game). Soul lasher damage is nothing for us IMO and they lack of health.

Act IV : Of course the king offscrenn Corrupted Angel and Orpressor. The one that like siegebreaker hurts our butt, but it's fine since they will never have a chance to be an elite:P Rest should be OK.

Now I'll give a short summary how to deal with most of them depend on the affix.

Step 1 : If you are a ranged classes, you'll most likely ignore elite affixes because they can't touch you, but as a melee, know them before aggro is a huge benefit. IDENTIFY AFFIXES

Step 2 : Are they melee or ranged elite?How many minions?champions or elite?if they are an elite minion, kill the leader will solve the problem, if they are champions well this is the problem. Next step.

Step 3 : Now they are blue champions. Each of them can cast their spell like desecrator, so watch 3 desecrator anywhere, each of them can cast vortex, waller, etc etc. Basically champions is all you need to looking for because they are so retarded that you won't have a chance to hit them but there will always a way.

Basically just say this out loud, what determines a monk can kill elites or not is : Do they have any elemental like arcane or frozen or molten? if not, proceed to facetank.
If yes, predict next movement. Do they have VORTEX or JAILER or WALLER?if yes then play carefully, don't use serenity unless it's needed to save yourself. Don't use it to dodge frozen when you still can run away, use serenity to dodge vortex or jailer. Use it when you have to burst damage.

Basically vortex will be casted when you and the champions is separated within 20 yard or so and I don't know why vortex has a bigger area now. And play environment smartly against vortex and waller. To make things short : "If they don't have vortex, jailer, or waller, a kill is pretty much sealed because you can dodge all of the effect and just reset the fight with serenity unless it's a horde with nightmarish and knockback + another passive mob knockback skill like demonic tremor.

But when it comes to arcane with vortex, be careful with it, attack when you can, play it defensive, just use serenity when you get pulled. Most of the time, you will die against ranged elite with arcane enchanted because when you move to dodge laser, they just stand there wandering around shooting and pull you back to their place where laser already spinning around, this is why I always save my serenity for that !@#$ moment.

The last tips was even though you can stand in the plague and keep regen with LOH, the plague damage is stacking and it will cause ridiculous damage, the same as molten and desecrator So don't stand in the corner, always have a backup plan to run. I don't know why enemy DoT damage was so superb while ours is a little bit underpowered.

Now against a certain mob, there is no way you can kill demonic tremor invulnerable due to their buggy movement speed. You can't outrun them with tactical advantage smokescreen with 12% movement speed, wtf?if you can't outrun them, a reset is pretty much impossibble. For that reason, sometimes you have to kill one before you died. So make sure to focus one enemy in every attempt to kill an elite.

Blazing guardian, a simple jailer is deadly for this type of mob. Killing one of the minion will simplify your life, even when you are fighting another mob, the regular of blazing guardian is still hurt.

Vicious Magewrath, no way to go toe on toe with them. I have tried it several times and best way to approach them was to kill one reset, continue.

Hulking Phasebeast, if it's a champion and arcane frozen, forget it.If it's a horde and you can separate the leader at least only the leader and 1 of the minion, go for it.

Spearman is easy but to chase them is retarded especially with molten. You just need to know when to go back and heal, waiting for CD and go again. Same like succubus, but always focus one of them since they can cause reflect (even though it's not as retard as pre 1.0.3 reflect)

Orpressor, when he (can cast) breaths, pop serenity run to the outer edge ot the map so they can't charge, utilize environment and stack them in the stairs. Corrupted angel, if you can go toe on toe with them, they will less likely use their famous charge.

Another key point, the one that will change your live when you're not using mystic ally was you tank all the damage alone. When you use mystic ally, they can tank some damage and make your kill much easier, I will say MUCH easier because I've done it before I use mystic ally (using blind and think it's a waste). In Act 4, you will play like multiplayer bceause you have Tyrael, follower, your mystic ally and yourselves. That way, more passive tank for free:P

If you die, you need to re-spawn mystic ally and use mantra, once you get enough spirit use BOH for more damage and save spirit for sweeping wind and serenity. Always spawn Mystic ally to increase free dps duration at initial pull.

IV. My Humble Experience
Someone says that Act 3 is dual wield time, I can't blame them. We need DPS but I get a hard time with that, after I change guardian path into resolve and putting my sacred shield again, everything get one shotted. It's like a magic. You can try that first, follow your idealism using dual wield, if those can't work, try to use a shield and let's see how big the difference.

Using this spec and stats, I one shot Diablo Inferno in my first encounter using Monk with 5 NV, there are some tough elite like Corrupted Angel knockback and arcane, died to that once, Orpressor elite with frozen and firechain coupled with fast, but thanks to Mystic ally, I don't need to tank all of them at once.:D

Back then using thunderclap FoT was not my type, after a couple of death I realize I use it wrong. Now I rarely die because of stupidity teleport and that teleport saves my life more than once.

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