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The idea just came to me and i'd like to hear some thoughts on it.

What if we didn't have control over the value of the items we posted on the Auction House, what if when posted items on the ah it would work as a Fixed Price:

items would go off "sell value" when you post it on ah, it would also take in stat viability, Sockets and Gems.

My Formula would be as follows:

"Item Sell Value" * "2000%" = Default Rate.

Stat Viability:

Vitality, Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity:

Less than 50: Nil Value improvement
Less than 100>50: 10 000 gold
Less than 150>100: 100 000 gold
Less than 200>150: 500 000 gold
Less than 250>200: 1 000 000 gold
250+: 1 000 000 gold + every 1 stat point is equal to 25 000 extra gold

Other Stats:

Life on hit: 1 LoH = 500 gold
All Resistance's: 1 Res = 1000 gold
Specific Res: 1 Res = 500 gold
Life Steal: 1% = 10 000 gold
Armor: 1 Armor = 75 gold
Damage Per Second: 1 DPS = 750 gold
Block %: 1% = 4000 gold
Block Amount: 1 - 2 Block Amount = 25 gold
Special damage reduction: 50 000 gold
Attack Speed: 1% = 10 000 gold
Critical Hit Chance: 1% = 10 000 gold
Critical Damage: 1% = 1000 gold
Class Specific Stats: 50 000 gold

1 Socket: 10% extra gold to total
2 Socket's: 15% extra gold to total
3 Socket's: 20% extra gold to total
Weapon and Helm Socket: 20% extra gold to total

Gems: Would go off current Auction House "Price"

As a result of a system like this it would bring Fairness to the Auction house, and make it fair for all people, Rich and Poor, Gaming should not be about Rich wins and Poor loses, That's Life and when we play games we want to escape that reality.

This is a Example of the Formula in use:

[ilvl 63 XBow, 1163 DPS, Socket, Crit Damage 57%, Dexterity 156, Strength 52]
Sell Value: 2462 gold
Default price: 2462 * 2000% = 492 400 gold
DPS: 1163 * 750 = 872 250 gold
Crit Damage: 57 * 1000 = 57000 gold
Dexterity: 500 000 gold "Used Stat Chart"
Strength: 10 000 gold "Used Stat Chart"
Total without Socket: 1 931 650 gold

Socket: Total * 20% = 2 317 980 gold

Therefore this item would be listed for 2 317 980 gold

I do believe that a method like this would make a better Auction House

P.S. Edit:..........................................................................................................................

Yea i think my idea might be too strict, guess it would be only useful as a Guideline for pricing
No it won't work. The current prices reflect the _value_ of an item. What you propose will force the price to be less than the items value, and no-one wants to sell below it's value. This would just move the godly items to 3rd party sites and you could only buy crap on the AH.
i do see you're point, people are greedy, and do think their items are worth the world..., but then again the system could always be tweaked i'm not saying the values i used are 100% spot on but it gives a idea of what a system like this could achieve
This wouldn't be an "Auction House." The whole point of an Auction House is that the lister can list it for whatever he wants.

In the current system, when players determine their own prices on such a large scale, the economy resembles capitalism.

In your system, where Blizzard controls everything about the prices, you have fascism.

I don't think capitalism is perfect, but I'd rather take capitalism over fascism any day.
08/02/2012 07:41 AMPosted by Newbie
Most people have no idea how an economy works. They ask for control or regulations, then turn around and call someone else a socialist/fascist.

If you have a better term than "fascist" for what the OP is proposing, please explain.
Ah, it just turned out to be right after my post, so an alarm went off in my head. I've been trolled many times for talking about economics on these forums, so my apologies. :D
what a stupid idea. you'd marginalize all but the most desperate/rich player out of the game.
08/02/2012 07:59 AMPosted by Firagar
what a stupid idea. you'd marginalize all but the most desperate/rich player out of the game.

i can see why the idea is bad, do you think something like this would be better used as a guide, and player still has full control over pricing?

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