Dual Wield Monk Builds for inferno?

Hey jw if anyone is aware of some popular monk builds viable for monks.

Here is my current build:

There are a lot of survival options, plus cyclone helps move enemies away from the affix aoe they may be spreading. I find myself moving enemies away from the arcane sentries they set up. However, the cons are the spirit is eaten up pretty quickly if im not landing a bunch of hits; and my HP will spike on the mobs that have a slow heavy assault attack that i failed to dodge. Serenity helps manage my hp when its get low; and I can pull out to safety and get my hp back up with my heals or by picking up some hp packs. I can also use serenity to stay in a dangerous spot for a few attacks. I use the 2 primaries because I find hundred fists to be good with single targets, or frontal attack area; whereas crippling attacks is best for 360 dmg around me. This is especially good when i cyclone a large group of enemies into a series of crippling attacks and then take out the leftovers with hundred fists. With the rune I can shoot missiles into packs that do significant dmg; this is good for runners and mobs camping in a area filled with aoe dmg.

I just picked these abilities because it worked for me - i was wondering if any more experienced monks could share info on builds they use or heard of. More importantly, do hc monks dw in inferno? Is it a viable option?
It's viable, you just have to be a bit more geared and focus more on dps; you don't have to tank as many hits if the monsters are all dead.

This is what I use to farm Act 1 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#adiXgQ!XUZ!abcbac

I can do some of Act 2, but I'm just farming Act 1 until my friends reach 60 and gear up because my gear isn't enough to faceroll Act 2 yet.

-FOT:Thunderstrike + SW:Cyclone provide good aoe dmg as well as very good single target dps for elite.
-Blazing wrath is a must have for the 15% damage buff.
-Serenity is good with both the heal rune and ascension. Personally I prefer the heal, but the 4 second is very good too.
-Mantra of Healing adds 300 more life regen, which ideally you should have above 800. Yay resists. If your armor is very low however the MoE:Hard Target is good too.

The spell that makes DW possible for me besides FOT is Dashing Strike. With both of these, you have 2 spells you can use to teleport away from hard hitting enemies, or affixes. Dashing strike takes some practice, but once you use it it's godlike. With proper timing you are invincible to frozen, arcane beams, molten, plagued, firechain, and jailer (kind of). Oh and you autopath around waller.

Here's an example of finding a scary affix combination and abusing dashing strike.

Firechain, molten, vortex, waller- when you see it as a melee character your first thought is "If I get vortexed on top of firechain and vortex, I'm going to die. Eventually they'll wall me in, and vortex me."

I would start up Sweeping Wind, and attack one. They're going to try and encircle you to get the firechain damage on you, but you dashing strike to another elite (invincibility thru firechain/molten) and start attacking from the other side. You can step backwards and try to get positioning so you don't have to dashing strike every time. If you do get vortexed, instantly dash out. Eventually you'll get walled. Dash to the one closest to the entrance, and run along side the wall so that if you do get vortexed, you get vortexed to the wall. Keep attacking.

Another ex. is frozen arcane + whatever else. My barb friend almost died the other day to this, as berserk only lasts 15 seconds then you have to dodge the bulbs. When he got low on life I told him to TP out and I soloed the rest of the pack by using dashing strike to dash through multiple arcane beams.

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