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Good to see their is a Hardcore community.

It would be cool to get some small teams together to play co-op.
Anyone interested in teaming up with some more HC players post in.

I'm interested add me.

added :P
Sent you both a friend request from Brisbane!

would be awsome to have some HC friends to play with! add me if you like LokySerpent#6825 =)
Same here,
Me and Alvis are at lvl 20-ish and on act 2. I am a wizard and his a demon hunter. Would be great to get some tanks but not necessary. At least you know you have protection from afar :)

Let's get Aus on the HC map shall we?
good round tonight guys! see you all next time!
Plowing right though guys.. the team work is awesome! And ive finally bought some new gear!
Hey guys, I have a L31 Monk...
Add me malice#1232

Also willing to start a new toon. If anyone's interested...
Just started a new Wiz. Gimme a buzz if anyone wanna team up.
I've got a few HC toons but play solo.
Played SC first, but set a self-imposed no-AH rule in SC and got bored/hit gear wall midway through Hell so started doing HC seriously.

200-300 LAT from NZ so I just safe haven teleport to town whenever it goes above 300.
Only lost a couple due to latency/freeze. Rest lost through stupidity/tiredness/greed usually.

Trying to keep all 4 about the same level so it's not such a loss when they bite it.

Lost a L43 Barb on the weekend and am rebuilding her.
I'll be interested in teaming up once the next patch goes live, before then I'm going to be playing solo though :)

Callum #1163
First HC death for me tonight at lvl 37, died to a game crash :(
3rd or 4th crash I've had since May.
Re rolled another DH, I'm really enjoying the challenge of HC mode, finding it hard to play my SC Barb since I tried HC, it's much more rewarding than SC.
Good luck to all the HC players!
Yup. Lost my L35 Monky yesterday. Gutted... but I'll get back on the horse this weekend!
Its good to be in Hell act2 with you guys..!
Added you guys i'm too looking for Aussies to play with, ive lost 2 60's so far in Inferno so looking to push forward.
Reporting in!

One of our brothers have fallen tonight. Rest easy and know that your death shall be avenged!

Sure we will see your next build soon!


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