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Last night on my last run as I was about to TP to exit the game for bed I got a blue screen of death.


I would just like to thank all the great mates I made over the last months playing hardcore with you guys, it's been real fun and frustrating in a good way with heaps of awesome sauce. I would also like to thank Bliz for the way they handle these kind if cases. I mean its totally my fault that I died and Hardcore is Hardcore right?

Anyway guys, again, it's been fun but I can only handle so much for now. I MADE time to play and enjoy this game with you guys but the system has failed me.

If you would like to catch up I will be in Path of Exile in the Hardcore League (R3AV3R). I will be rolling a new toon tonight if you want to roll with the ReaV's.

Maybe at some point when this stuff is fixed we can have another run and lolz.

But for now, ReaV's out.

Man that really sucks to hear bro. As Alvis mentioned it was an awesome run - I think we started together before we had even hit 60 for the first time in HC. I even remember our first run through Act 1 inferno and being scared lol.

All the best and hope you enjoy PoE I will probably come and check it out at some point.

If you do deceide to come back we will have you back on your feet in no time :)

Hey everyone I think I have posted in this thread before but its very big now! ;)

Anyway I Finally made level 60 and killed Diablo in Hell mode now I have started some act1 farming is there any AUS activiy here still? I would really like to meet some Aus HC players because my only d3 friends are USA and they done play HC.

I guess it my fault because I don't play Public games especially in HC because I don't trust people enough ;-). Anyway you guys ad girls seem like nice chaps so come have a game with me I also join the Aus Diablo 3 Ventrillo Server here -


Cheers and Beers NeK
welcome to HC
add me in game pls i might have some hc beginner gear for ya....
31k life can be harsh in HC, wizards are both sweet and rough take super good care
btw i don have ventrillo but hope im still helpful:)
stay safe friend
I did have 34k life but swapped it out for some extra 4200kdmg and around 3.1 protection
I hit level 60 HC the other day after 3 attempts

1st attempt

Char Name: Pug (RiP)

Final Char Level: 47

Monsters Killed: 21,113

Finale Game Time: 32Hrs and 46Min

RiP Details: I got myself in some deep trouble in act 3 Hell with some Demonic Tremor Elites with fast and knockback. With my cool downs running out I was unable to escape after also encountering some regular mobs. This was a big lesson learnt and even played it very save in NM Mode act 3 on my second roll.

2nd Attempt

Char Name: Milamber (RiP)

Final Char Level: 53

Monsters Killed: 14,930

Finale Game Time: 19Hrs and 32Min

RiP Details: After my first experience playing HC I re-rolled very quick and as u can see from the game time I achieved a higher Level in less game time and less Monsters Killed. This was because I was more aware of monster abilities and safety needed for bosses. I also started learning about some better reroll items one big help is a pair of BoJ Anglers increased attack speed and the joy of movement speed! (Called Bo Janglers in D2 . I archived a high DPS this roll and used the Skill Arcane mode with a rune know has Arcane Destruction causes 1600% weapon dmg explosion on cast. Now I used the rune to almost one shoot must bosses this run then I would switch back to Orb.

I had not played for almost 2 weeks and logged on only to find myself in a hostile enviroment I walked a little way towards a WP and a Elite pack leaped out from the ground known as Withermoths I casted arcane and critted myself to death in one SHOOT! because of there reflex DMG affix!.

3rd Attempt

Char Name: NeKDarkCast (Alive)

Char Level: 61 Paragon

Monsters Killed: ?

Finale Game Time: 29Hrs and 16Min

RiP Details: Not happy with my last critted death! I never used this rune again ;-) well this run I have finally hit HC 60 and also made a paragon level farming act 1 Inferno. Did this in less time then my First attemp rofl!.

Fun: Yes lots of fun AH is very different in HC has there is no RMAH (Real Money Auction House) and only a game gold AH the market is always thriving but also respectfully priced. I can farm Tombs which are worth 17k in HC thats per drop. New patch also make it so u cant spawn in hostile environments and there are new crafting options u can work towards instead of needing the AH. Its always a pleasure in HC mode that 95% or drops is normally a upgrade to work towards hitting level 60 u don't have to use the AH for the most part although for maybe a weapon.

Cheers Everyone! I hope all is great with your families been along time since I posted in a forum! NeK

Special thanks to DevAngel helping me out with some nubby Level 60 gear ;-) cheers and beers mate!
02/21/2013 01:21 AMPosted by Devangel
yeah they say 4 member team is better in leveling?

I think solo is more efficient because of hellfire ring and leorics on your follower but I'd much rather run with a group for the extra company
Impulsive buy after 200am is not a good thing
got a bk sword i dont need for 60mil last night and now im broke cant get the upgrades:(
hope this weekend market bring me some luck
meanwhile have fun guys the aussie hc community is getting smaller and smaller each day
3rd wiz to 100 :D
damn thats sick congrats mate

Only started Playing HC recently...

I played before on a barb and got to lvl 4x but died in terrible lags that were plaguing Aussies post 1.0.5 everything froze and there was nothing I could do to help my poor barb.

When I finally came back, I rolled a Monk, but got too impatient and wiped it at lvl 33 on mp10 Nightmare, where someone was powerlvling me. Stupid move.

Now I'm Paragon lvl 4 on my next monk taking things nice and easy. Would love to run around with some one for company. Not well geared at all though, so max MP1 :)
@ silv3r

Congrats.. Just curious, did you go by the name "Omnicide" who played and wrote some most excellent d2 guides/builds back in the day?? Just i noticed in your profile "Omni".
Thats amazing effort Silv3r!

So this means you are the 3rd only Wiz to reach Paragon Level 100 on USA servers?. Great work mate its nice to see the gear you using and skills which can help me out along my long long road ;-)

Nice work again and Congrats!

Cheers NeK
very high ping since the hot fix anybody else experienced this?
Yeah man last few days have been between 340 and 550 on average. Get the odd spike as well. Got one at the start of an mp3 solo run tonight and came so close to dying to champion sucubi at core of the arreat....they really need to sort this stuff out
Deleted by ReaVer
looks like our HC community is growing smaller and smaller each day:(
im still here. recently started playing again since the latest patch.
there is also a few SC players on WP that are doing a HC self found group.
New to HC, got a monk at P3 and building my WD up. Keen to play with anyone that wants to have me
03/11/2013 06:14 AMPosted by Devangel
looks like our HC community is growing smaller and smaller each day:(

Moldran explains it better than I can in my opinion

skip to 1:10 sec

Still smashing zombies myself for the funzies
im going home for a few days wont be able to log on
sure will miss you guys
stay safe

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