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try that. not sure if the clan is full or not. I havent heard of a sydney clan, but AUS clan just as good.
Reaver and Alvis are top guys too

Very experienced at PoE HC but new to D3 HC. Will be playing ladders if available. Also play HS.

which server is best for Australians currently?
the American server. it connects you to the Aus server and you can get a much better ping. i get an avg now of 50ms, where it used to be b/w 200-300ms
Anyone interested in farming key/ubers runs for the new Hellfire Ring?

Feel free to add me, Shock#1348
Will be splitting up when key farming to cover zones quickly and find the wardens as fast as possible. As such my only requirements are that you are capable of cruising through t1+ solo without stopping every 4 seconds to kill packs, good damage would be nice too.
As a rule I never cruse past packs so I always have a exit.

Killing small pack give experience and some times good drops, if you have high damage it doesn't slow you down that much.
hey guys, after launch Optimus started a hardcore community for ANZ players as a lot of people were already in clans so couldnt join a HC clan.
This community unfortunately hasnt taken off :(
Optimus has given me leadership as im focusing on HC of late. I want to try and make this work so please join the community :)

in community search type:
Aust and NZ Hardcore
Nice one Wazz....

Join this hardcore community

I'm looking for people to play with, recently moved to Australia and started playing D3 HC after RoS launch.

T1 farming and normal bounties are my current activities, besides midterms:)

Add me if you want to play :)
I added WAZZ and Alvin.
cool. im on most nights. ive been doing split bounties with my DH and finding quite a bit of loot
Playing from Sydney round 8pm - 11pm most nights.

Add wabbit#6677
Far out, it was September when I last played!
Good to see some familiar names still active.

PC Hard drive crashed in November, been playing GTA V and online PS3 since then.

Just re-installing and buying RoS, looks like I'll have a lot of catching up to do.
Just started again after about a year. Patch looks pretty good.
Loving some aspects of loot 2.0 :)
Is that the ultimate HC levelling weapon or what?
Should take any class from L31 all the way to 70.
1500dps, 1770 LoH to take care of Reflect, +xp,6% IAS, 1% CC.

Not loving some other aspects, can't use a high level character to farm for a re-rolling low level any more :( Have to stash/mule gear or re-craft every time you die and re-roll.

Got my WD and 'Sader to L70.
Cheated a bit though, played Crusader in SC first to work out how I wanted to play the class.
Hey guys! long time no see and im back for the action! After working away in mines etc moving house and having no internet lol. im finally back and ready for ROS HARDCORE!!!
hmm dunno why it set my avatar as SC2.... D3 for life lol
Looking for anyone to do some rifts/bounties for fun add me up if you're keen
After leveling every single class to 70 and getting them relatively geared I've started to play HC again while my internet is stable.

Anyone keen to farm up gear and smash some rifts add me Xterminatz#6691

Hey guys, I'm a lonely Witch Doctor looking for some Aussies to join games with. All public games are just rift after rift after rift, with its fair share of players only looking out for themselves. It feels like such a gamble with death when clicking on a banner to jump in a rift on a public game of late. Would love to switch things up and do some bounties and even some hellfire ring portals with some others who are up for something a bit different every now and then.

Are there still spots left in HCaus? How do I go about joining? Got invited to some random clan when RoS first came out which has active 3 members who aren't really online when I play. Have played with quite a few HCaus folk anyway in a few public games, definitely wouldn't mind joining if there are spots left, on about 4 nights during the week and the odd Sunday session, and happy to share gear. Will add some folk from the last couple of pages to get things started the next time I log on.

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